Wednesday, June 1, 2005

This morning's news digest and commentary

Things aren't going smoothly for the government. One reason is the simple supply and demand, basic economic principles. If G-d forbid Jews are really forced to be homeless refugees, the rents will jump sky high, totally messing up the real estate here. This would make it difficult for all the middle and lower middle class. The government is taking for granted that most people will want to stay in the south, but personally, I doubt it. But then, again, I keep hoping that, like Oslo which was supposed to turn my family into refugees, this won't come to fruition.

Besides the live refugees, the government is trying to figure out what to do with the dead ones. Now they're threatening the families.

The money people are arguing about how much the refugee families will receive in financial compensation. There's a serious discrepancy. I think that the high figures may include "cost to government," while the low is the "net," actual money to the family. The government, of course, is trying to make them look like conniving parasites, rather than victims of a perverse and dangerous policy.

And of course there's the increase in terror expected/predicted after the withdrawal. I hope the country realizes that the "terrorist in a suit" expects to return to Rechavia, Talbiya, Ramat Aviv and lots of the kibbutzim, among other places.

If there's any more news about the Malcha Mall ban on orange, please update me. Thanks

ps I'm adding this inspiring story from Israpundit

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