Sunday, June 19, 2005

postscript to #126

Please don't take #126 as anti-American. It's davka/actually the opposite in a sense. America is doing what it believes is right for America, and it doesn't matter if it may endanger Israel. For America that's fine. My complaint is that Israel is blindly following America's instructions, and by doing this Israel is endangering Israel.

America does not decide on policy for Israel's benifit and good. It's a dangerous mistake for Israel to think that America's good is Israel's good.

Israel must think ISRAEL FIRST! If there's a conflict, each country must do what's best for itself.

The question if the destruction of Israel is good for America is something else and definitely something I will cover. I honestly think that America will suffer (security-wise, etc) if G-d forbid Israel is destroyed, or so weakened that it's hardly a "colony." The USA, Europe, political philosophers like Sharansky and Peres will find that their grand theory of a democratic Arab middle-east will be a nightmare of a fairy tale, like the original unedited ones by Grimm and Anderson.

Israel is like the legendary Dutch boy with its finger holding back the flood of world terrorism.

If you take away the boy's finger, the waters will flood the world. G-d forbid! Instead we must all fight terrorism whose core is here in the Holy Land. Without destroying Arab terror here in Israel, the entire world as we know it will be in danger.


Chai18 said...

"Israel is like the legendary Dutch boy with its finger holding back the flood of world terrorism"

so true, so true...

Esther said...

I completely agree. These are scary times.

Batya said...

Thanks. Now we have a lot of work. It's not that we have to just save Israel. We have to save Israel to save the world. Gush Katif and Northern Shomron must stay Jewish.