Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Balfour Declaration, A Positive Result of Zionism

There are lots of celebrations going on for the one-hundredth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. That historic document is also being blamed for the establishment of the State of Israel, as if it just came out of the blue, when written a hundred years ago.

In another month, there will be similar celebrations of the seventieth anniversary of the United Nations vote approving the establishment and recognition of the State of Israel. Both of these actions are given much too much credit by Jews, Israelis and historians.

I must make two important points, and it's impossibly difficult for me to rank them in importance. If you have an opinion on that, I'd appreciate if you say so in the comments, thanks.

  • As laudable as both the Balfour Declaration and its international recognition, and as commendable and reassuring as the November 29, 1947, United Nations vote for the establishment of a Jewish State certainly were, it is mandatory to remember that both were results of Political Zionism. They didn't happen in a vacuum. Neither was spontaneous, nor did they come from a love of the Jewish People.
  • The establishment and existence of the State of Israel and the eternal survival of the Jewish People are not dependent on foreign powers. One mustn't exaggerate the contribution of others to our existence. The thankfulness and gratefulness owed to Balfour and the United Nations member states that voted yes in that crucial vote must not dwarf the thanks we give to Gold Almighty.  Remember that our survival over the millennia and the incomparable military victories of the State of Israel over our enemies are due solely to Gd. We have no human, political, diplomatic or military allies.
We, the Jewish People, hold our fate in our hands. We aren't pawns of anyone. That actually includes Gd, because we have free will. We must make our own decisions, and sometimes we decide correctly, and sometimes we don't. Gd willing we will quickly learn from our mistakes and correct them. IMHO, one of those mistakes is thanking man rather than Gd for the good that has happened to us.

Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day Prayers in Shiloh Tabernacle Synagogue 


Shiloh said...

Correct, our fate is in our hands. God's help depends on how we decide that fate to be and not making mistakes as we have done in the past. Problem is the game was rigged.

Batya said...

Not rigged at all.