Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Labor's Gabbay Moving Right From Left Mirrors Bibi's Left From Right

The Israeli Labor Party's new leader, Avi Gabbay, is trying the same technique that Likud's Bibi Netanyahu did years ago. As I've written many times, Prime Minister Netanyahu, who was then in the opposition, announced that to be a national leader and regain the top spot, he had to run for office from the Center. This is what Avi Gabbay is now doing.

Bibi, totally disregarding history and his strong Revisionist background, moved well to the Left, and now we hear this pledge from Gabbay which is to the Right of Bibi's concept of Center.
“There is no reason to evacuate settlements in a peace agreement,” Gabbay said on Monday night. “If there is peace, then why evacuate? The dynamics of peacemaking that would require evacuation may not actually be correct. In a peace agreement, solutions can be found that do not require evacuations.” (Jerusalem Post)
Israeli politics is never dull. Do you think elections will be soon?

Here I am voting in the 2015 Elections


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