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Monday, October 23, 2017

Dictatorship of The Judicial Left

View from Israeli Supreme Court Building

Here in Israel, we suffer from the whims of a Leftist dictatorship. The Supreme Court takes its title much too seriously. Its "justices" really think they're supreme, higher authority than all others including the laws voted by the Knesset, Israel's Parliament.

The "justices" decide whether laws can stand or not.

When deciding cases, they don't take into account the laws of the State of Israel, they judge according to their ideology and agendas.

Most Israeli citizens completely disagree with the decisions and ideologies of the "justices." Ordinary Israelis don't vote for them. Actually, neither do the Knesset Member who are elected, as part of party lists, by Israeli citizens. The "justices" vote in their successors to perpetuate their agendas and ideologies.

Even though the "justices" claim that they are the epitome of "democracy" and democratic thought, the very system and their dominance in Israeli life and law is totally anti-democratic. It's no less that a complete dictatorship. It mocks democracy. Those faux "justices" endanger the State of Israel.

Israeli Supreme Court Building

Israeli Supreme Court Building


Shiloh said...

Great post Batya, and its truly pathetic what these globalist puppets are doing to our nation. I don't think it stops with the court system.

Anonymous said...

The unsupreme court of Israel is notoriously infamous for its draconian rule. What is hard to understand is why and how these 'injustices' get and hold on to the power they themselves take on, voting themselves in as supreme court judges? Why does the government allow this dictatorship to hold any power? Does the p.m., president,etc. have any power to take away the power that these judges themselves put in place? These questions should be put to the people (citizens) of Israel and hold the knesset responsible and accountable to do what the voters want and need in a so-called democracy!

Batya said...

Thanks, glad you agree. Serious problem

Mr. Cohen said...

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Mr. Cohen said...

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Batya said...