Monday, October 16, 2017

Must Always Be Alert, Terror Lurks

It's very possible that I'm the first one ever injured by a "ramming terrorist." That was over twenty years ago. I had been waiting for a bus or ride at a French Hill, Jerusalem stop, which is now covered by the lightrail tracks. I saw a car driving badly and turned my back to the traffic to tell my friend:
"Even if it's going to Shiloh, I wouldn't get in."
My friend doesn't remember anything coming from my mouth. She just saw the car drive into/over me knocking me down. Since then, I try to have my eyes on the oncoming traffic when waiting. And I also tell people to pay attention. It makes me "nuts" to see people with their backs to the traffic and their eyes on their phones. And this includes the soldiers who are supposed to be guarding those waiting for buses and rides.

All sorts of things trigger memories of that day. Thank Gd the injury to my foot was relatively minor, and within a few months I was perfectly fine. But it's one of those things that can never be erased from my mind.

This morning I got up early since I have to travel, and I saw this headline:
PA Arabs nabbed attempting to sneak into Jerusalem
It ends up that they were caught at Hisme aka the "city line," where I'll be passing today. Thank Gd the soldiers were alert and doing their jobs.

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