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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Instead of Apologizing for Terrorists' Deaths, We Should Threaten More

Such insanity that the State of Israel acts weak and wimpy when Arab terrorists are killed. If it wasn't planned, then call it an "act of Gd."
“We must not apologize for our success in eliminating terrorists,” Bennett, a member of the security cabinet, tweeted. “I will clarify: These are terrorists who were digging a tunnel of death – in Israeli territory – which was meant to kill Israeli women and children.”Jerusalem Post
The apology is part of the dangerous "so sorry we won" policy which has turned the great 1967 victory into a maze of problems.

We should keep stressing to the Arab enemies and the world that Gd is with us. That's why we win, and that's why Arab terrorists die, even when it isn't in our battle plans.


Mr. Cohen said...

In recent years, all New York City subway cars contain advertisements that warn everyone to NOT discriminate against Muslims. These advertisements also encourage people who witness anti-Muslim discrimination to report offenders to the government.

Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn has a policy of intentionally hiring Muslims to work in sensitive areas, like their medical test laboratory. RESULT: Jews are NOT SAFE in Maimonides Hospital.

None of these attempts to appease Muslims has worked, and the proof is the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Manhattan.

No matter how hard infidels work to appease Muslims, Islam still teaches that all infidels are enemies of Allah, who must be killed and conquered by any means possible; and killing infidels is the path that leads to eternal paradise.

Why Muslims Hate Jews:




PS: Allah hates the Koran. Allah hates Islam. Allah hates Muslims.

Batya said...

For real?