Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Terror: Car Ramming, My Story on The Radio

Tamar Yonah interviewed me by phone.
Photo by Yisrael Medad
This morning Tamar Yonah, a well-known Israeli radio personality, called me to interview me about "my terror attack." Over twenty years ago I was lightly injured in what was most probably the very first ramming by an Arab terrorist.

This should never be considered a "minor" terror attack. A woman was murdered and about twenty innocent Jews injured that day. An Arab terrorist drove his car into us. We were innocently standing at a bus stop, on the sidewalk when he made a sharp right and then a sharp left on my foot and knocked me down.

One of the greatest dangers of this genre of terror is that it is so easy. Anyone with a vehicle of any sort, can terrorize and murder with ease. Today this is well-known and not only in Israel. There have been many such attacks, even with heavy vehicles like trucks and tractors. But in early 1996, when I was knocked down, the police and politicians tried to claim it was an "accident."

You're invited to listen to the interview by clicking here and here.


Anonymous said...

Shalom Batya,

How wonderful to connect a voice to a face...
You gave a beautiful voice ..:)

Just heard your interview with Tamar Yonah, and have to tell you it was very interesting.
You articulated your experience so wonderfully.

Now i am wishing you could be on INTR's radio show... that would be just a great asset to INTR having you do a show too.

I wish you all the best.. and i love your blog too.

May sanity prevail, and hopefully what you said regarding how to deal with terroists is put into action.. in Eretz Israel...
Thanks once again.

Hashem bless you and yours.


Anonymous said...

One correction: ' You 'Have' a beautiful voice'
typo error..:)


Batya said...

Thank you so much, Zipora. Yes, no problem.