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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Waiting for Bill Clinton to Join the Condemned Sexual Predators Club

There's a revolution, or dream come true, going on in the western world, at least the USA. Women and men, too, who have spent years, even decades trying to recover from and hide terrible memories of sexual exploitation and/or harassment are finally seeing their torturers condemned publicly for immoral and despicable acts, words and/or attempts.

Until a few weeks ago, men (and even some women) considered certain actions as "perks" of their jobs or positions. In many cases the exploitation and/or harassment, was an offer that couldn't be refused.

Personally, besides being happy that the rules have changed, and sexual predators are now suddenly being condemned publicly, I do realize that some people are no doubt rather "confused." This "rule change" is affecting them and what they thought they could do.

We shouldn't be overly optimistic and think that from now on such crimes will never happen. Not so. Although some famous people have now gotten caught, most ordinary people guilty of the same crimes haven't, because they can still instill fear in the victims.

And there are those who have known histories as sexual predators, like former POTUS Bill Clinton, who seems coated with Teflon. I'm waiting...


Anonymous said...

Think that the women are trying to show their power but this is really a way that H' is exposing all the 'rot' that has infiltrated everywhere, especially in the media and film world and, of course, government. Power corrupts absolutely. We have reached this time before the geulah where everything which has caused the world to reach bottom is being flushed away - very confusing and interesting times.

Mr. Cohen said...

preditor ---> spelling correction ---> predator

Rambam Rejected Childless Messiah:

Batya said...

a, for sure, B"H
Mr. Cohen, thanks