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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Taking a Poll: Will The USA Move its Embassy to Jerusalem?

Donald Trump isn't the first American President to have said he'd move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem. That pledge seems to be a pre-election requirement, though ignoring it is an accepted post-election given.

I'm listing four choices here. Please record your vote in the comments, thanks:

  1. Yes, Trump will move the embassy to Jerusalem before he leaves office.
  2. No, Trump won't move the embassy to Jerusalem.
  3. Trump will make moving the embassy to Jerusalem the candy to bribe Israel to accept his "peace deal."
  4. None of the above aka "other." Please elaborate, thanks.

American Flag flying over new Jerusalem Consulate


Anonymous said...

4 - Trump will go on saying he would moove the embassy, until the next Middle East big crissi will occur: war between Israel and Gaza, or against Hezbola, or both, or worse..., or maybe a 4th intifada... Then Trump will just have to say "this is not the right time, we cant moove by now"...and then, we'll get another POTUS...

Batya Medad said...

Any other opinions?

Anonymous said...

I think people need to realize that US presidents really don't have the power that people think they do. They get their orders and every time they promise moving the embassy, it should be an understood that is what they have to say but it's a given it won't be done, even if that particular president would want. The main thing is Israel itself has to stand firm and strong against all pressures from the outside. Living and acting according to the Torah is the only choice for Yisrael!

Batya Medad said...

Good point

Shiloh said...

Living and acting like Hebrews, not defanged Jews is the only answer. We decide and create out destiny, not like the current situation of the world deciding.

sheldan said...

He will eventually do so. He's gone so far on that branch that he cannot go back.

It's a shame he didn't do so after the inauguration or after the first six-month period (when he could have refused to sign the waver). This "new" peace-process notwithstanding, the evidence is in that no matter what the situation, leaving the embassy in Tel Aviv has not brought peace.

Maybe I'm an idealist, but this time continuing to delay the move will have real consequences. The passing of the bill by Congress represents the will of the people to move the embassy. That succeeding presidents have refused to abide by it shows cowardice on their part because of "what the Arabs will think" or "how it will affect the peace process." Well, those excuses are no longer applicable. This particular president will have to put up or shut up, because he made such a big deal about how different he would be.

We will need to keep up the pressure to make this president fulfill this promise. It's time for realism to come to Middle East politics, and moving the embassy will tell the world it's no longer 1947. There is no reason to treat Jerusalem as an "international entity" or pretend it is anything but the capital of the Jewish people. Don't give up this fight because you think it's going to be "the same thing."

Batya Medad said...

Sheldan, Gd willing

Shiloh said...

What people simply refuse to see is that Trump is no friend of Israel, and its all talk by the "deal maker". His policies are the same as Obama, Bush etc. He is arming our enemies with huge weapon deals, he is the deal maker, remember! When you have very powerful forces like the Vatican who will continue this fight of keeping Jerusalem under their control, and it is because we cannot do as pleased, we need to stop listening to the politicians on any side. Its all talk. We keep relying on Esav, we are alone, will we ever wake up, doubtful.

harry camper said...

I dont like the use of "when not if". Its such a cop out.
So far Trump has made many boastful claims such as moving the embassy, but little action has followed. Disappointing is an understatement and he really needs to address this shortfall in outcomes.
Maybe it is bibi that has stalled the process, as some reports have it?
I get the impression that ordering the embassy move will be one of the last acts in government for Trump. Like throwing in a grenade and doing a runner. Hope im wrong.
There is also the very real threat that the embassy move as being seen my arabs/muslems as an attack on their proposed future capital for the squatting palestinians.
The ramifications of that will be violence on the streets sadly. This is the only reason i could imagine why this issue is still being discussed.
We pray for peace but i sure do not possess the imagination as to how that will ever be achieved, given the wide spreading throughout Israel of those that despise Israel.

Batya Medad said...

Shiloh, Trump is far from perfect but more a friend of Israel than any other American President since maybe Reagan. Obama is an enemy for sure.

Harry, I honestly don't know what to say. I think that Trump feels so attacked he just isn't functioning. But I'm disgusted that Kushner is working with the State Dept. They've been against Israel since pre-state times.

sheldan said...

Harry, I don't trust this president any more than you do. When he signed the waiver, I was disappointed but not surprised. Now, after claiming that he would follow a different policy from Obama, he is trying to make "the ultimate deal"--never mind that we've been doing this since Oslo and we're no closer to a deal. I will not be surprised if this is the same old policy again.

I hope it's not Bibi. He has little to gain and lots to lose by doing so. I think he needs to be careful about working with Trump regarding negotiations.

Yes, I've heard of the "very real threat" of violence by Arabs. Well, the embassy is still in Tel Aviv, and this reminds me of the joke:

"Please close the door, it's cold outside."
"Well, if I close the door, will it be warm outside?"

In this case, if we move the embassy, there will supposedly be violence, but if we keep it in Tel Aviv, are we sure there won't be more violence?

I do agree with your last sentence. As my wife's friend has said, it will happen "when Moshiach comes."

Batya, I agree with you that Obama was an enemy, but I am not so sure that Trump is a friend. As for the State Department, maybe they still think it's 1947 and Jerusalem is an international entity. Seventy years of this is enough! Move it.

Batya Medad said...

Sheldan, very true. Trump is as much as a friend as we're going to see in the USA after the dawn of J Street.

sheldan said...

Batya, that is true, as much as I hate this. J Street is not who they say they are. When I was growing up (during the Six-Day War and Yom Kippur War eras), I would not have envisioned American Jews being that assimilated and hostile to Israel.

However, I would still say that George W. Bush was the closest president we've had who "got it." At least he was not that hostile; maybe he wasn't perfect, but I was encouraged by some aspects of his policy. This president is not trustworthy, and I reluctantly come to that conclusion after his deeds have totally been contrary to his previous positions.

Batya Medad said...

I can't think of an American President who can be trusted, and I don't have fond memories of any Bush.
Honestly I'm not surprised about the JStreet crowd. I saw the beginnings in the 1960's.

sheldan said...

Point well taken about American presidents. I suppose that trust must be a relative thing, so unfortunately I have to agree.