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Monday, May 15, 2017

Israel Must Stop Begging!

This was first posted on Israel Blogger.

Centrist PM Bibi Netanyahu
Can't lead when rolling around
looking ridiculous 

It's so embarrassing and demeaning to keep hearing our Prime Minister and politicians begging.
  • They beg our sworn enemies to "make a peace deal."
  • They beg foreign leaders, like US President Trump, to recognize Jerusalem.
I think we'd get a lot more respect and peace, too, if only we would act with strength and self-respect.

For sure, the begging only makes the Arabs see us as weak, and that encourages them to attack more and compromise less. And foreign leaders see us as less deserving. They certainly think less of our rights to our Land and Capital City Jerusalem when we keep offering to give pieces away. Of course it’s like the King Solomon story of the two women who were fighting over the baby. King Solomon believed the woman who wasn’t willing to harm the baby.

Our enemies aren’t afraid of us, and that’s a problem.

Fifty years ago, as the totally miraculous Six Days War ended we did have a chance for peace. The Arabs saw that our victory was by Gd, and they were terrified. If we had acted like victors we’d not only have peace today, but we’d be in Messianic Times.

Instead, successive Israeli Governments have just gotten us into bigger and bigger trouble by trying to please foreign rulers who wouldn’t care if the Arabs destroyed the State of Israel, Gd forbid, and we’d find ourselves exiled yet, again. Gd keeps on giving us more chances, but there’s a limit to Gd’s mercy. He may decide, yet again, to wait for a more deserving generation.


Netivotgirl said...

Bravo dear Batya on a SUPERB post! Short, sweet and SPOT ON!! Every word is shining with truth! Kudos!

Batya Medad said...

NG, thanks. Appreciate the supportive words.

Mr. Cohen said...

Sefer HaMidot, chapter Bitachon,
last paragraph of chapter (paragraph 19):

"He who trusts in idol worshippers, what is his will become theirs."

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was born in 1772 and died in 1810 CE.

Mr. Cohen said...

The Biblical Book of Joshua, chapter 23, verses 12 to 13,
reveals that:

If Jews intermarry with non-Jews, then He will NOT
help the Jews conquer the Land of Israel; and even worse,
the sin of intermarriage will cause the Jews to be
driven out from the Land of Israel.


Mr. Cohen said...

If the government of Israel is going to beg,
then at least they should do it secretly,
where there are no witnesses.

Mr. Cohen said...

The Biblical Book of Jeremiah, end of chapter 17,

If the Jewish people observe Shabbat
then Jerusalem will be ruled by Jews forever
(verses 24 to 25).

But if Jews DO NOT observe Shabbat,
then the Land of Israel [literally, Jerusalem]
will burn with fire (verse 27, last verse of chapter).