Sunday, May 28, 2017

Arab Terrorist Prisoner Hunger Strike, Who Won?

While Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan keeps claiming that the Arab terrorist prisoners didn't gain anything from their hunger strike, the Arabs claim otherwise.
PA officials are claiming victory, stating that the hunger strike was successful in meeting their demands, while the Prisons Service said there was no negotiation, and that none of the prisoners’ demands were met apart from the visitations.
Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan also disputed the Palestinian officials’ statements, telling Channel 2 “there is absolutely no pledge to grant” any of the other prisoner demands. (Jerusalem Post)
It is hard to admit, but considering the leaked details, the Arab version may be more accurate.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu loves to play games with words and terms, and Erdan is his protege. They'll both claim that the conclusion/agreement gives no appreciable improvement in conditions.

The terrorists got themselves their usual good publicity, because the international bodies and media support them. The State of Israel should have reduced their cushy conditions to what other countries give convicted terrorists. And their leader Barghouti should be held under conditions like those the United States put on Jonathan Pollard. And we should make it clear that we are just following the American precedent. It should also be stressed that nothing Pollard did is a fraction of the seriousness of Barghouti's crimes and continued vicious incitement against the State of Israel.

And what happened to the Israeli demands on Hamas for the bodies of our soldiers? Every single time the Arab terrorists make demands on us, we should make it clear that the convicted terrorist prisoners will get get fewer privileges until our IDF soldier bodies are returned.

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