Friday, May 5, 2017

I'm Worried About The State of The USA

  • Not everyone can win.
  • The major Principle of democracy is accepting results including losses.
The "not my president" campaign/movement is undemocratic and I'd even say fascist.

The results of legally held elections must be accepted, even when you're upset by them. Not only is that life, but that's what democracy is all about.

If anything, the "not my president" campaign is probably just alienating more voters from the Democratic Party than it's attracting. And no doubt that there are some very embarrassed Democrats who are terrified to voice their opinions. 

Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who lost turned off voters by preaching that their ideology is the right and most moral one, and they didn't tune in to the worries, fears and priorities of the American voters in most of the states. Think of it as playing a violin like a banjo. It's going to sound really bad. And sticking a guitar on your shoulder to play like a violin won't be any better.

Sorry, but the truth, like election results, isn't guaranteed to the pleasant.


Chrysler 300M said...

Weiners weiner done her in

Shtrudel said...

Not only do some of the losers refuse to accept the democratic result they claim to be part of a "resistance"... Insinuating that the US is currently under "occupation"... Following this logic, if the US is under "occupation" then the "resistance" would be fully within their right to try and use violence to overthrow the "occupier"...

Mr. Cohen said...

Since this blog post is about the USA:

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Batya said...

Nu? So you agree with me?