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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Witch Hunt or Legit? Case Against Bibi

I'm going to be perfectly honest. I haven't a clue whether there really was anything criminally wrong in whatever Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has done since in office.
Under police probe, Israel's Netanyahu leaves helm of communications ministry
One thing I do know is that the search for some crime to indict him for reminds me of how an immaculate ACD (not me for sure) observant Jewish housewife searches for the forbidden chametz before Passover, lihavdil, to differentiate.

And another very obvious thing is that the Israeli media, extreme Left of course, is trying to manufacture cases against Netanyahu and his wife Sara. It's no secret and it's not at all discreet.

During the Trump-Netanyahu press conference, POTUS Trump made a point of thanking Sara Netanyahu for her kindness to his wife, Melania. I wonder if Sara had called FLOTUS to sympathize about "bad press" and how to survive it. I'd say that Sara gets even worse press than the Trumps and as a trained psychologist may be the best one to give that sort of advice. She has also been raising her two sons under the microscope of public negative and hostile scrutiny.

What do you think?

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