Monday, February 20, 2017

International Leftist Interference in Israeli Affairs

You certainly know what they say about paranoids having enemies...

In the USA there's talk of possible Russian (shades of the USSR) interference in recent elections. Of course, it all depends on whether you're a follower of the NY Times or FOX News. But here in Israel, it's very much documented fact that numerous countries and international bodies from the United Nations and European Union on down have been supporting anti-Israel and extreme Leftist Israeli NGOs for a very long time.

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All the facts and numbers can be found on the NGO Monitor site, hat tip for the reminder, Ruthie Blum on Algemeiner.
NGO Monitor President Prof. Gerald Steinberg said, “The unique and disproportionate funding that a small group of Israeli NGOs get from European governments is used to influence Israeli politics and society. Over the past four years alone, 34 Israeli NGOs have received nearly a quarter of a billion shekels. Our new database brings this essential information directly to journalists, the public and decision-makers, increasing transparency in a clear, comprehensive and user-friendly way.”

In all honesty it is nice to be able to prove it, but I'd really like a way to stop it. No other self respecting country would put up with such sabotage. Yes, sabotage and espionage, too. These pro-Arab radical Leftists have succeeded in limiting the normal acceptable actions and procedures of the security forces, because their agents and cameras seem to be every place. 

And frequently their cameras are so close to and focused on an Arab terror attack against innocent Jews it doesn't take much imagination and logic to assume that maybe those NGOs had actually initiated and directed the attack... I still think that was the original background to the Elor Azaria case, and it should have been very thoroughly investigated. Why was that cameraman there? You don't have to be a university math professor to add 1 + 1 = 2.

How's your math?


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Batya said...

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Sharbano said...

This is something that has weighed on me for some time. How can ANY country actually "Allow" any foreign government, agency, or entity to have influence in their country. I just read that Iranian dissidents want an investigation into the influence of the Islamic regime's secret U.S. lobbying network.
Any concerns or input should be ONLY done through the Diplomatic Corps and no one else. It is MY opinion this should be cemented in International Law.