Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Danger for Israel, Arab Terror State Called "Palestine," sic

Hat tip Israellycool

Being a simple pragmatist, I just can't find one single reason to support a newly invented Arab state run by unrepentant terrorists in, or alongside of Israel. There is no history of a "Palestinian  People." Just look it up. The name "Palestine" was put on maps thousands of years ago by Hadrian, who was an invader and wanted to disguise the Jewish identity of this Land. He changed the maps by erasing/deleting Judea and replacing it with "Palestine."

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, before the establishment of the State of Israel, Jews living here were called "Palestinians" for that reason. Arabs were just called by their cities or their former homes, like Syrians, Egyptians and Lebanese. Jordan, was also a total invention by the British to sabotage its Mandate to establish a Jewish State, but that's another story. It's also connected to the reason I do not support the idea that "Jordan is Palestine."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in his fokokt, thinking himself too smart to get snarled, attempt to prevent a terror state called Palestine by tagging onto it all sorts of impossible conditions is making a potentially fatal mistake. Most people don't go looking at the details, and for POTUS Trump, a mega businessman, they are just points for negotiations and compromise.

I find the poll written about in Israellycool to be very frightening and should be a wake-up call to those who think that Bibi knows what he's doing:
45% of Americans support, 42% oppose Palestinian statehood
As has long been the case, Democrats and Republicans have sharply differing views on establishing a Palestinian state. Currently, 61% of Democrats, 50% of independents and 25% of Republicans are in favor.
From a long-term perspective, Democrats' and independents' views have been fairly steady, while Republicans' support has varied. Still, Republicans have been consistently less supportive than Democrats, except in 2003, coinciding with an effort by then-President George W. Bush to broker a peace deal that involved Palestinian statehood.
Remember that the aim of the so-called Palestinian leadership is the destruction of the State of Israel replacing it with Palestine, Gd forbid.

Add this to the article I posted Saturday night:
Shocking Poll, Not All Americans Consider Israel an Ally
The State of Israel is delusional if it thinks that American support is a given. Our security and survival are our responsibility! Gd will help only if we do our job first!


sheldan said...

"I do not support the idea that Jordan is Palestine..."

Ironically, if the world had accepted Transjordan as the Arab Palestinian state (in the 77% of the Palestine Mandate that England cut out) and accepted the San Remo declaration that the remaining 23% would be reserved for "close Jewish settlement on the land," that may have saved the world a lot of trouble...

But I guess that this was too simple (or the world was too anti-Semitic?) for this possibility. Instead we had to endure a partition of this 23% and only won relatively secure boundaries through war. I don't want to use the A-bomb of an anti-Semitism accusation, but it does seem that the world doesn't want to do the right thing if it will benefit the Jews.

Maybe this is the same reason that the world is reluctant to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Maybe "when Moshiach comes," there will be peace.

If you have a link to a post regarding the reasons why Jordan can't be Palestine, I would like to read it. Sounds as if that would be accepting reality, but there may be something that I need to recognize before I can make that conclusion...

Batya said...

For me it is simply that both are fakes. I try not to do anything to grant them recognition.
Both were invented by Britain when the Brits were supposed to be helping Jews to establish a state.