Thursday, February 2, 2017

Only the Likud Can... רק הליכוד יכול

רק הליכוד יכול
Rak HaLikud Yachol
Only the Likud Can


Only The Likud Can
Nationalist Camp

Jabotinsky Institute

Even when the Likud campaign staff came up with that catchy tune and phrase the unintended negative implications of the words resounded to us pragmatic cynics still reeling from Menachem Begin's surprise Sinai withdrawal, destruction of Yamit and numerous smaller communities. Davka, he the supposed extreme Right wing politician, had crossed every red line the Labor Party never dared to contemplate.

Don't forget that Arik Sharon was the Likud's Prime Minister when he announced the horrendous Disengagement Plan that unilaterally destroyed more Jewish communities and gave their Land to the Hamas Arab terrorists in Gaza.

Amona's 2006 house destruction and traumatizing police violence was  while Ehud Olmert ruled Israel in the name of the then comatose Arik Sharon. At that specific time, they called themselves the Kadima Party, but both had reached power as members of the Likud.

And here we are, deja vu, again with pastoral Amona in the sites of the Leftist Israeli Supreme Court. This time, they are out to destroy it. Families have been forced out of the homes they've lived in for years, schools and businesses shut by the government.

Netanyahu as Prime Minister and Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) as Minister of Justice haven't broken the hold of the Israeli Courts, which although they aren't elected by the people, somehow have been given the right, legal status that allows them to override the laws created by our elected officials, Members of the Knesset. To me this is not a true democracy, and it's immoral.

Arutz 7
At least Bibi had the decency to instruct the police to leave the horses and "special units" in their stables.



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Law and Right
Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Jews have every right under international law (the San Remo Convention of 1920 and the Anglo-American Treaty of 1924) to settle anywhere in Judea and Samaria. Therefore, Jews must take these laws into their own hands to resolve this issue when there is no alternative, and there is none available when the Netanyahu govt fails to abide by these laws.

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Prof Paul Eidelberg is amazing.

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