Friday, October 18, 2013

The U.S. A. is "Leading" by Following "Snakes"

Caroline Glick's latest article depicts the increasingly weakened United States of America.  Considering that I've spent two thirds of my life in Israel I wouldn't be so concerned except for the fact that the only country that obeys American dictates is Israel.
By forcing Israel to apologize to Turkey, Obama took the side of the aggressor against the victim.
Netanyahu apologized to Turkey's pro-Hamas Prime Minister Recep Erdogan in a phone call that Obama participated in. Obama promised that Turkey would accept Israel's apology and restore full diplomatic relations.
But nothing of the sort occurred. Last week, Turkish President Abdullah Gul told Yediot Aharonot that the apology came too late. And this week, Erdogan hosted Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal for the third time in the past year. Commentators have raised the prospect that Hamas may be hoping to transfer its headquarters from Qatar to Turkey.
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So to make sense out of the title of this article is to see and accept the utter contradiction between leading and following.  If one is following one really isn't truly leading, except when there's another following the follower.  For some very strange and peculiar reason Israeli  politicians and mainstream aka extreme Leftist media are chreidim to their American Rebbe.

I've been following politics and world events for close to sixty years, and I remember when Castro took over Cuba.  The United States Government still hasn't recovered.  And I think that the great political parody The Mouse That Roared is one of the most brilliant ever written.  It should be required reading in every Political Science and International Relations course.  The United States is generous to its enemies and stingy to its friends.  Israel should never, ever rely on America.  We really don't need to.  We have the Jewish People and G-d.

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as the holy sages wrote batya, when one is kind to the wicked, then he will also be wicked to the kind.
they are kind to the philistines and other cruel people, so they are wicked to the true friend of the world.

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rainbow, exactly