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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Politics is More Than Just a Beauty Contest

Politics is also a lot more complicated than winning popularity contests.

  • For one thing- the public is fickle.
  • Another thing- the really hard work starts after the elections.
The elections are to an "office." That isn't just a room.  It's a position, job with numerous responsibilities, and if the newly elected wants to stay in office, keep the position, that means that he or she must always be campaigning for the next elections while simultaneously doing the job.  The job is more than just some photo-ops and fancy parties.  Your opinions become policy, sometimes life/death decisions affecting others.  You have to really understand the issues and not just trust your instincts or staff.  And there are usually higher ups who will demand loyalty and consistency. 

Photo Credit: Alex Kolomoisky

It seems that the Israeli Finance Minister, newly elected to Knesset Yair Lapid and his Yesh Atid MKs are learning the hard way.  The public isn't happy with their performance and unless there's a major change, they won't get as many votes next elections.
Because, were the vote to take place today, Finance Minister Yair Lapid and his merry band of total- and near-unknowns would be dropping from 19 to 10 seats. And that’s today, without a seductive, yet untested alternative.
Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/haaretz-survey-shows-lapid-crashing-jewish-home-meretz-soaring/2013/10/18/
Of course his campaign promises weren't at all realistic, but realism and common sense aren't what most Israelis look for in their political parties.  Party loyalty is no longer strong.  People go for the disposable, whether dishes, clothes or politicians.

And even worse are the candidates who seem oblivious to the difficulties of the job they want.  Unfortunately that just makes it easier for them to be bamboozled, controlled.  I don't agree with the politics of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, but I must admit that he has learned the profession of Israeli politics.  He knows how to control the ministers in his cabinet and the Knesset Members in his coalition.  He also has good control over the Likud.

If only Netanyahu would just use skills and talents to make us, the State of Israel truly independent and sovereign in Our Land.  He has the power, and the country would gladly unite behind him if he'd just stop trying to please and placate the United States.

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