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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Evangelicals Bring Texas A&M "Peace University" to Nazareth

Posted by Jewishisrael.com

Evangelical Texas Governor Rick Perry and Pastor John Hagee have joined forces to bring a branch of Texas A&M University to Nazareth.

The "Peace Campus" will offer "Muslims and Jews and Christians the opportunity to study together” and foster better relations between Jews and Arabs.

Yet Israel’s institutions of higher learning have always been open to Arabs, Christians and international students of all creeds.
A number of media sources are making the point that no other American university has opened a branch campus in Israel until now. However that is not exactly true. Mormons, Evangelical missionaries and Catholics are all striving to have an educational impact and "presence in Israel"JewishIsrael covers some angles that the press missed…more

When evangelist Mike Evans' Jerusalem Prayer Team Weekly Update proclaimed, "Bomb Shelter at Righteous Gentile Heritage Center Gets National Recognition", he surely didn't expect journalist Judy Lash Balint's account of the grand opening of the shelter, which was published in the Times of Israel, under the headline "Christian love: Buying their way into Jerusalem".

In addition to an accurate account, and photos of the event, Balint did the unexpected – she penned the truth about missionary Mike Evans...more


goyisherebbe said...

I don't think too many Jewish Israelis are going to be going to Nazareth to study. This may be good for the Christians and Arabs and not so bad for the Jews. I'm watching. Change comes from within. Meanwhile if they are in Nazareth they do less damage.

Batya said...

goyish, too many things I would consider unlikely actually happen.

Ellen, thanks for posting this.

ellen said...

Exactly right, Batya.
And speaking of the unlikey...
Goyisherebbe, wait until you see the next JI report.

Batya said...

Ellen, I hope you'll put it here, thanks.