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Friday, October 25, 2013

Inanity, Insanity, Dangerous Words From Minister Yair Lapid!

Jerusalem Post email/digest headline:
Lapid: Israeli-Palestinian conflict is psychological, not territorial 
Duh? How dumb can the guy be?
The conflict with the Palestinians is about distrust more than anything else, Finance Minister Yair Lapid said at The Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference on Thursday....he Yesh Atid leader said that the peace process is not a logical puzzle, otherwise some of the great minds who have worked on it would have been able to solve it already. He also denied that the conflict is about borders, maps, Jerusalem, land swaps or anything technical, nor is it about Palestinian terrorism or Israeli settlements.
“The problem is fear, mistrust, traumas, memories,” Lapid said, presenting his central thesis. “How can people who don’t believe each other and hate and fear each other, sign an agreement and talk about coexistence? 
“The problem is that this isn’t a dialogue but two monologues. Israelis want peace and security; Palestinians want peace and justice. It sounds similar, but those are different sets of emotions, and we don’t talk about it, because we don’t know how to quantify it,” he explained.
“We need psychologists and psychiatrists, not generals,” Lapid said.

Does Lapid know anything about Israeli History, Jewish History?  Does he actually listen to our enemies? That makes him a chassid of Shimon Peres who has instructed us to ignore history.
From Peres's interview on wikinews:
DS: Isn’t the answer to that question that wise decisions are made with a basis from memory? Although a computer can have…SP: No, no. Forget memory. Look, the new age is unprecedented. When something is unprecedented, it means it doesn’t have a past, doesn’t have a history. It’s totally oriented on the future. And whoever dwells in the past, doesn’t understand the future because the past is full of prejudices, of commitments. It arrests us. And then you say you won’t commit a mistake, so you’ll commit new mistakes. It doesn’t matter.
DS: What about the adage, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”?SP: So they will make new mistakes. Mistake is inevitable as long as there are human beings. But you cannot repeat mistakes because the world is not built on repetition; it’s built on mutation.
"People tend to remember more and think less," Mr. Peres wrote in "The New Middle East," his 1993 manifesto defending the accords. "Our thoughts, which concentrate on the unfamiliar, are less welcome. However, we must focus on this new Middle East reality … and not wander among memories of victories in long-gone wars -- wars that will never be fought again." Critics of Oslo pointed to Arafat's unambiguous record of hostility to Israel, double-dealing, and ruthlessness. For Mr. Peres, however, history was not a source of wisdom, but a burden. Quoted from here
In all honesty, I don't understand why, how anyone in their right mind, whether Jewish or not can ignore the simple fact that the aim of the Arabs is to destroy the State of Israel and banish Jews.  This isn't an emotional problem, nor a psychosis.  The Arabs have never been shy at telling the truth.  It's terrifying to think that the people in charge of the State of Israel, elected government officials, like coalition member Yair Lapid is so totally disengaged from reality.  Lapid is misinterpreting the symptoms and treating them as the cause of the violence instead of properly understanding what the Arabs are saying and teaching.

Lapid's method reminds me of how a friend died of cancer, because she went for alternative medicine treatment for pain instead of getting a proper diagnosis of the cause of the pain. It's very possible that if she had gotten an accurate diagnosis of the cancer at an early stage, she could have been cured.  Yair Lapid is on the wrong track entirely.

Not for the first time, I recommend keeping up with the Palestinian Media Watch to find out what is really going on with the Arabs, what they are saying in Arabic, rather than Leftist agenda lies our politicians and media prefer telling.

I think that Dry Bones is onto something, G-d forbid.
Dry Bones


NormanF said...

Batya - you're in error too as much Lapid.

Israel' conflict with the Arabs is neither about a misunderstanding nor a territorial dispute.

In reality, it is existential. The Arabs want to destroy Israel. Israel has nothing to offer them to deflect them from that aim.

That's why peace in the Middle East is impossible. Israel cannot commit national suicide to give the Arabs what they want.

Batya said...

Norman, isn't that what I've been saying? There's no way to make/negotiate peace with someone who wants you dead and gone.

Shy Guy said...

Here's our Minister of the Treasury who can't put one and one together.

Batya said...

Shy, and his body language as he spoke was really unsettling.