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Friday, October 25, 2013

Europe, Possibly Israel's Most Dangerous Enemy

Caroline Glick hits the bulls-eye with her latest post about Europe leading the BDS and anti-Israel actions of Arabs.
The Palestinians did not come alone. They were accompanied by European diplomats. The diplomats were there to provide diplomatic cover to the Palestinians as they broke the law and breached the agreements the PLO signed with the Israeli government.
This would have been bad enough, but in the event, one European diplomat, Marion Castaing, the cultural attaché at the French Consulate in Jerusalem, decided that her job didn’t end with providing diplomatic cover for lawbreakers. She joined them. She punched an Israeli border policeman in the face.
Rather than apologize to Israel for using European diplomats to support Palestinians engaged in criminal activity, and for Castaing’s shocking violence against an Israeli soldier lawfully performing his duties, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton attacked Israel.

The enemies who look so sophisticated and can act charming are our most dangerous.  I consider this like the finely trained Christian missionaries who have been coached by experts on how not to alarm the Jews they are sent to befriend.  The Christians are attacking our souls, spirit (read Jewish Israel*) while the Europeans are helping the Arabs get our Land.

They are the two opposites, body and soul, our Land and the Jewish People.  That makes them, the Christians and the Europeans complementary and equally dangerous enemies of Israel and the Jewish People.  Unfortunately Israelis consistently underestimate the potential disaster each can cause.

A few months ago European led Arabs tried to invade/attack Sha'ar Binyamin, the shopping center where I work.  They are not pleased that Jews and Arabs actually work and shop together.  They tried to pressure the Arabs to leave, to boycott the Jewish stores and employment.  There's nothing humanitarian in that.

We must take steps against both of these enemies.

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach
Have a Peaceful and Blessed Shabbat

*Jewish Israel also posts here on Shiloh Musings.

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