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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Annual Hate-Fest Has Begun

Israeli Leftists who have no doubt been relieved to have a substitute for the old rallying cry of "remember Arlosoroff," have begun their annual Blame the Right for Yitzchak Rabin's Assassination celebration. They jumpstarted the yartzeit, Jewish anniversary of death with a large pep rally in Tel Aviv. 

I heard a bit of it last night on the television news.  The newscast featured Rabin's grandson illogically proclaiming that the most suitable thing to do in his grandfather's memory would be for Israel to (give in to all Arab demands and) finally "make peace."  It was clear in his words that only the Likud and the Government of Israel was guilty of perpetuating the lack of a peace treaty with the Arabs.  I have no doubt that his grandfather wouldn't agree, but it's clearer than the finest glass that Israel's extreme Left has taken over the "Rabin legacy."

I certainly didn't hear the NRP aka Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett's memorial message on the news:
"On the memorial day for the murder of Yitzhak Rabin z"l," write Bennett, "I will state the obvious (perhaps it is not obvious to everyone) – the murder is a terrible thing, which must never be repeated. It has the potential to tear apart the state of Israel. This obvious thing does not prevent me from strongly opposing 'the Oslo path.'
"I believe this path is misguided and has caused tremendous damage, sorrow and grief to the people of Israel and to thousands of families that lost their loved ones in the post-Oslo terror."
"For some years," he went on, "an equation was made, between denouncing the Rabin assassination, and supporting the Oslo path. I remember a poster that said 'we will not forget and we will not forgive,' which showed Rabin's picture and under it, Netanyahu's. In effect they were blaming Netanyahu for the murder, and saying 'we will not forgive.' I do not accept this at all."
For a message like Bennett's you need to tune into Arutz 7.  i24 didn't have it either.  They just focused on promoting Rabin's grandson:
In fact, the only family member present tonight was Rabin’s grandson, Jonathan Ben-Artzi. He ended his conciliatory speech by calling up current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to seize the opportunity afforded to him and current political landscape and bring peace to Israel. “I’m not here to blame you for what happened that night on the square or for the events that led to his murder,” said Ben-Artzi. “My grandfather was assassinated struggling for peace and you owe it to us to accomplish that goal.”

I have no doubt that if the truth ever comes out about the assassination, it will be revealed that it wasn't planned by anyone on the Right, just like it had been discovered a long time ago that the Revisionists didn't murder Arlosoroff.  Not that the Israeli Leftists have changed corrected their history books.

Times of Israel
I find it totally preposterous that the Israeli and international Left blithely continue to blame Israel for the lack of "peace" here.  All facts, all history show the exact opposite.
  • Israel has not initiated any wars with the Arabs.
  • The Arab countries and terrorists are the ones who attack and threaten annihilation of Israel, not the opposite.
  • Regardless to the dangers to our security, Israel continuously offers peace gestures  and concessions.
  • It doesn't matter what Israel offers, the Arabs refuse and then up the ante, make much more extreme demands.
So why does the Israeli Left persist in this lie? 
Yonatan Ben-Artzi made absolutely no demands of Palestinian Authority  chairman Mahmoud Abbas nor of the new Iranian regime but instead placed the task of making pace on the shoulders of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Jewish Press 

Blaming Israel is actually seditious. If the judicial system here in Israel was objective, it would be a good idea to prosecute those who blame the Government of Israel for our lack of peace.

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