Sunday, September 22, 2013

Say: NO To Negotiations and Two State "Solution"

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Enough of the Oslo Accords.  It tied a noose around the neck, the safety and sovereignty of the State of Israel.  I agree with what MK Danny Danon wrote in his New York Times op-ed about annulling the Oslo Accords, though I don't think it's possible. 
Despite attempts to rewrite recent history by fringe elements, the failure of the Oslo framework cannot be attributed to a lack of will and persistence by Israel. What didn’t we try? We attempted direct negotiations, third-party mediators, public conferences and back-channel talks. We staged withdrawals and unilateral disengagements, established joint Israeli-Palestinian military patrols in Gaza and deployed American-trained security forces in the West Bank. None of this worked.
The P.L.O., and later the Palestinian Authority, never truly accepted that Israel, as the national state and homeland of the Jewish people, was here to stay. No amount of impressive ceremonies, cosmetic changes to the P.L.O. charter and Palestinian doublespeak to Western media outlets about their commitment to peace was able to change this grim fact.
To understand the mind-boggling scope of Oslo’s failure, it is best to look at the statistics. According to the organization B’Tselem, during the first Palestinian intifada in 1987, six years before Mr. Rabin’s attempt to recast the archterrorist Yasir Arafat as a peacemaker, 160 Israelis were murdered in Palestinian terror attacks. In the mid- to late-1990s, as successive Israeli governments negotiated with the Palestinians, and Mr. Arafat and his cronies repeatedly swore they were doing their utmost to end terrorism, 240 Israelis were brutally killed as suicide bombs and other heinous terrorist acts targeting unarmed civilians were unleashed in every corner of our nation.
Oslo truth
There must be ways of going around it, which would have the same effect.  That's "poetic justice" for sure, considering that the Israelis who "negotiated for us" were not acting in an official capacity. They were doing it privately and I'd say illegally.  They claimed to be representing Israel, but the truth is that they were just promoting their extreme Left agenda, and Yitzchak Rabin was too weak to prosecute them.

Peace or Terror

Bli eyin haraa, warding off the "evil eye" as the saying goes, Arab terror attacks have gone down of late.  The multiple causalities of the suicide bus bombers are out of fashion, thank G-d, of late.  Maybe it's because Israeli public transportation is very multi-cultural aka integrated with both Jews and Arabs.  That's further proof that there is no anti-Arab apartheid in Israel.  (The only apartheid is anti-Jewish.)  One of the things I've noticed in my interactions with Arabs at Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin is that the Arab families are smaller than in previous generations, and the parents care about and try to spoil their children.  No doubt the more extreme anti-Israeli/Jewish Arabs don't shop in Jewish Israeli Yafiz. 

The pragmatic versus the ideological day to day life is changing here. This is not at all due to "peace negotiations."  It's a slow process that can't be negotiated and can't be legislated.  We must let it develop; be patient.  Don't force the issue.  I wouldn't call it "peace," but quiet can come to this area only if Israel is in charge.

Israeli security forces were able to solve the Arab terrorist murder of  Sgt. Tomer Hazan, because there is no Palestinian sic State, hat tip IMRA.  Any change in the status quo that empowers the Arabs will only cause terrorism and death to both Jews and Arabs who have been working with/for Jews.

As I've said many times before, I'm a realist, a pragmatist.  I believe in looking at the facts at history.  I agree with former MK Dr. Arieh Eldad when he says that it's interesting that Israeli scientists and mathematicians are on the Right of the political spectrum, while those involved with unprovable theories are on the Left.


goyisherebbe said...

Eventually we and our neighbors will grow closer and the situation will improve, but it will be the end of a process and not by external political moves. We need strong security in the short run and Israeli Jews need to learn Arabic.

NormanF said...

I don't agree.

Bernard Avishai points out the British attempt to assimilate the French Canadians into English Canada failed. He dubs the so-called One State school as Durhamism. If it was unworkable in Canada, its even more unworkable in the Middle East.

The Two State school suffers from a different flaw in that it assumes you can split the difference. We can call it Peelism after the British Peel Commission that first recommended it in the late 1930s. All variants of it, including Oslo - have gone nowhere.

There is no obvious solution. And when politicians and diplomats try to force an artificial outcome, real people suffer. There is no urgent need to change the status quo. We have to give it patience and time.

Batya said...

goyish, we do need to learn Arabic. I'm sure we're missing out in important information.
Norman, with what don't you agree? me or goyish?
And where did I mention "assimilate?"

Anonymous said...

it may be worthwhile for Hebrew-ethnic people to learn Arabic. This is in the same category as a Toronto-an (Torontonian?)deciding for practical reasons that he'd like to be proficient in basic French.

But there is a deeper issue. Israel is not the revival of an ancient Jewish country; there never was such a thing. What there is, is a long history of Hebrew Sovereigns who embraced dat-Moshe as the official cultural framework. This is exactly the same as the monarchy in England - the British Royal Family does not exist to assist and serve the Anglican Church; the opposite is true.

Hebrew sovereignty is the only theoretical framework in which the large number of "Christian Arabs", Cherkassi Muslims (and maybe somedayCoptic youth-aliya refugees fleeing Egypt for their life) can fill up the Hebrew Army with loyal soldiers - and happily co-exist with other Hebrew-speaking people in the Motherland of the Hebrew-ethnic people (we mention this because in the times of early Rome, there WERE Hebrew speaking city-states in North Africa). And they can join in filling up Judea & Samaria with people who agree that Mount Moriah ==was== the location of a Hebrew-speaking dat-Moshe shrine since 4000 years ago.

Hebrew should be the ONLY official language of ISrael; we should simultaneously encourage Israelis to learn some supermarket Arabic.

Batya said...

a, I can't quite figure out what your agenda is, but it doesn't jive with known, accepted history nor archeological discoveries.

There is no other People/Religion/Nation like the Jewish one. We are our own unique category.

Anonymous said...

Just got to reading this latest article and was happy, Batya, with your fine response to the above Anonymous. Do not know from where some of these people get their twisted information. Would suggest if they are Jewish to learn some Jewish history from real Jewish sources and start learning a little Torah. Israel is not only the Jewish country but the only country in the whole world that was given, literally, by the Almighty, to the Jewish nation. And, yet, that is the one country that the nations cannot seem to accept. They themselves got their borders through conquest and not by gentle means; not so, with the Jewish nation, as the conquest was done by G-D's command and with righteousness.

Batya said...

to the "a" just above, thanks.

Anonymous said...

>> if they are Jewish to learn some Jewish history from real Jewish sources

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions; no one is entitled to their own facts.

David & Shlomo did NOT run dat-Moshe governments; they didn't even suppress pagan worship outside of the Mount Moriah; they didn't even build the Bet ha-Mikdash with dat-Moshe labor & funds. Shlomo's pagan ally, Hiram of Tyre did all the heavy lifting on Mount Moriah!!

All of the above facts.... from your own holy books

You can define your own flavor of "Torah Judaism"; you can't quote anything outside your own cult sources to convince me that it's older than (say for example) the Orthodox Coptic Church.

It really just is not.

Everyone in Israel who owns a shovel, can dig up the plain evidence.

Batya said...

Shlomo and David weren't contemporaries at all. What you wrote is more about King Shlomo, not at all King David.