Friday, September 20, 2013

View From The Sukkah: Can We Count on The USA?

The Succot Holiday is a real challenge of faith.  We're supposed to move out of our sturdy homes of wood, brick etc. and their solid roof and move into a hut covered by something holey enough to let in some light.  And yes, if it rains or storms, we are permitted to escape to more permanent buildings, because G-d doesn't demand death to prove our faith and observance. 

We, the Jewish People are still in the process of reaching the required height of faith and connection to G-d in order to recognize and follow the true Moshiach, Messiah. Foreign countries, including the United States, are not the Savior.  We shouldn't trust in any foreign, non-Jewish leader or politician.  G-d wrote His instructions to us in the Torah thousands of years ago.  Not even Israeli politicians or professors or courts or media personalities have the authority to change, amend or delete these instructions.

The United States has a long history of deserting its allies.  These diplomatic "love affairs" are terribly one-sided.  Davka, the Russians and before them, the USSR communists were much more loyal to those who followed them.  Many countries tried aligning with the USA before realizing that their loyalty was being rebuffed and they'd be safer on the other side of the international political spectrum.
Many countries in the world compare the behavior of the bloc under Russian leadership to the conduct of the West under United States’ leadership and conclude: The United States betrays her friends and abandons them, while Russia is faithful to her friends and defends them. When the world analyzes what the United States has done for states and rulers in recent years it finds Mubarak, who was abandoned by President Obama with the start of demonstrations against him; the president of Tunisia – bin Ali – who was forced to flee from the demonstrations without even one of his European friends  to rescue him; the United States abandons its friends in the Gulf and in Saudi Arabia in the face of Iran’s threatening buildup; the West does not back Israel in its efforts to maintain its security and its strategic assets, and urges it to establish another Palestinian terror country in the mountains of Judea and Samaria, overlooking most of the territory of the State of Israel. (from Dr. Mordechai Kedar's article in the Jewish Press)

When will the Israeli movers and shakers admit that their loyalty and worship of the United States is totally misplaced?

I'm tired of our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's good statements, sound-bytes being contradicted by his actions and policies.
The world must not be deceived by the moderate statements made by Iranian President Hasan Rouhani, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday night, in response to an NBC interview with Rouhani broadcast Wednesday. 

He always ends up retreating to the "Center," the hole in the bagel as I call it.  Blah, blah and blah. Israel and the United States have lost their deterrent decades ago.

"There is an opportunity here
 for diplomacy."
U.S. President Barack Obama
Photo credit: AP
Is there anyone who actually believed that Obama would act against Iran?  He just reads his scripts or recites/repeats what he hears from his mini-earphones.
Obama says ready to 'test' Iran's willingness to talk
U.S. president tells Spanish network that Iran's new president seems to want to pursue dialogue over country's controversial nuclear program • Iranian supreme leader: Iran's objection to nuclear weapons stems from our faith and our principles.

Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff
We're now celebrating the Jewish Holiday of Succot, the holiday of joy and faith in G-d. If you have faith in the words of United States President Barack Hussein Obama, you probably believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa, too.


Shy Guy said...

Totally related:

Disconnect Israel’s Interests from America’s, By Moshe Feiglin

Anonymous said...

blessed succos to you and yours. May the happiness of succos continue thro all times for the House of israel, with the coming of the mosiach.
no matter who turns to whom, where israel is concerned Hashem will trim all corners so that no non jewish nation can claim that they protected israel. so this letting down among 'friends' is Hashem stepping in to say He will do the needful.
US will soon be having their hands full with their own economic woes. and that too is Hashem correcting the nations of the world, not punishing. yet how many will listen , i dont know.

Batya said...

Shy, thanks, good article.
10, I understand that the American economy is doing very poorly.

Dawn Nussbaum said...

Not even the USA can count on Obama acting in its interest. Israel certainly can't rely on him.

Batya said...

Dawn, rather frightening isn't it?