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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Comfy Pension for Arab Terrorists

According to the latest Palestinian Media Watch bulletin, convicted Arab terrorists released from Israeli jails will receive a "Dignified Life Grant" aka a nice comfortable pension.
PMW has documented that the PA pays salaries to terrorists in prison.

Reporting on Israel's release of 26 prisoners in August as part of a goodwill gesture towards the PA, the official PA daily reported that these prisoners, who "received a hero's welcome... by senior [Palestinian] Authority officials and by their relatives" would receive grants:
"Money is not an immediate concern because the [Palestinian] Authority will pay at least 4,000 shekels a month to prisoners released after serving a long prison term, and considers them to be returning soldiers."
That's a lot of money by Arab standards. Among the interesting conversations I've had with Arabs at work in Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin, was the one with an Arab English teacher. The young woman commended me on my  "excellent accent" in English.  I had to admit that I came by it easily, having been born and raised in New York.  She told me that she is an English teacher and really enjoyed the opportunity to use English with someone who speaks as well as I do.  I confided that I'm actually a high school English Teacher.
"You could get a great job in Jenin or even Nablus" she said with excitement.  You could make a lot of money, four thousand shekels."

When I worked as an English Teacher, I could make lots more than that, but I didn't tell her. By Israeli standards, salary norms, ns4,000 is minimum wage or less.  So if that's what a top English Teacher is paid, then the PA considers terrorism to be an academic profession.

I just want to end this with my position about justice and what sentences these Arab terrorists should really be given.  All who killed or attempted to kill Jews should be executed.  The death sentence is the only suitable  way to punish Arab terrorists.  The precedent here is Israel is the execution of Eichmann.  I don't see any real difference between Arab terrorists and Nazis.


Anonymous said...

Did Jews thrown out of their homes, some who have still not recovered received anything close to this? This is an embarrassment. Soon Jews will be asking illegal immigrants and Palestinian terrorists for a place to live.

Batya said...

a, the "PA" is extremely wealthy, and they don't use the cash to help the people who need it nor for infrastructure. The terrorists have a different agenda.
We don't have that sort of money, not does our government care.