Sunday, September 29, 2013

Has Israel Already Been Sold Down The River?

Recently people have been in panic informing me that Israel already signed away our independence and Land and is planning on uprooting, disposing  tens of thousands or more Jews like myself.  They want to know why I'm not rioting, screaming, firebombing, rebelling etc.

I keep on checking the news sites to see if this could really be true.  As imperfect as things are here in Israel, Israel is still a democracy with over-chatty politicians and well-connected news media, so I really don't think all that much can be done, especially after the Oslo fiasco, so secretly.  Remember that the Oslo Agreement was negotiated by extreme Leftists who were not government representatives.

At least in English, I haven't seen anything very new.  We've been in Shiloh for thirty-two years and we've been hearing these scaremongering rumors for the entire time.  The summer we moved to Shiloh, 1981, the population doubled from thirty-something families to sixty-something families.  And many of us who moved to Shiloh that summer had larger and older families than the more veterans, so we truly doubled the yishuv. In a few months or less I'll be able to say that I've spent  exactly half my life here in Shiloh.  There are now over three hundred families of all ages and backgrounds.  Many of the young families are second generation.  Their children are also the second generation to be studying in our school, or more accurately schools.  The tiny three class school of eighteen kids that opened September 1, 1981, has mushroomed into an enormous school complex of two elementary schools (separate for boys and girls) each educating until the Eighth Grade.

That doesn't mean that I have faith in our Israeli Government and politicians.

The Israeli leaders have been making dangerous and foolish decisions from before the Declaration of Israeli Independence, the official establishment of the State of Israel.  Remember that David Ben-Gurion and followers accepted the United Nations Partition Plan.

The partition plan took on a checkerboard appearance. This was largely because Jewish towns and villages were spread throughout Palestine. This did not complicate the plan as much as the fact that the high living standards in Jewish cities and towns had attracted large Arab populations. This demographic factor insured that any partition would result in a Jewish state that included a substantial Arab population. Recognizing the need to allow for additional Jewish settlement, the majority proposal allotted the Jews land in the northern part of the country, Galilee, and the large, arid Negev desert in the south. The remainder was to form the Arab state.
These boundaries were based solely on demographics. The borders of the Jewish State were arranged with no consideration of security; hence, the new state's frontiers were virtually indefensible. Overall, the Jewish State was to be comprised of roughly 5,500 square miles and the population was to be 538,000 Jews and 397,000 Arabs. The Arab State was to be 4,500 square miles with a population of 804,000 Arabs and 10,000 Jews. Though the Jews were allotted more total land, the majority of that land was in the desert.
Further complicating the situation was the UN majority's insistence that Jerusalem remain apart from both states and be administered as an international zone. This arrangement left more than 100,000 Jews in Jerusalem isolated from their country and circumscribed by the Arab state.

Luckily (the Hand of G-d no doubt) the Arabs rejected it and went to war against us.  In a sense the result was a stalemate, and the ceasefire lines lasted less than nineteen years.  Also, it's important to remember that the Jordanians invaded the land on the west bank of the Jordan that was supposed to be an additional Arab state, and Egypt occupied Gaza. This illegal occupation was only recognized by two other countries, Great Britain and Pakistan.

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That status quo ended in June 1967 when Jordan, Egypt and Syria threatened Israel with total destruction.  The result of that was the dramatic Israeli victory in the Six Days War.

Elder of Ziyon

Just over six years later, 1973, was the Yom Kippur War, when G-d saved us again.  I have no delusions that any of our victories, our survival was due to human intelligence and advanced military weapons.  Nor do I have any ways of finding out what secret negotiations have been going on.  And I don't believe that G-d will always rescue us, like in the fictional "Perils of Pauline." 

We must fight and we must pray.  We don't know if G-d will allow our destruction and then wait for a new generation to be able to take over and try again.

I have not given up.  One of the reasons, the main reason I blog is to try to make the Jewish People and our true friends aware of the perilous situation we are in.

G-d willing, we will do the right things and G-d will help tip the scales in our favor.


Anonymous said...

the whole picture DOES looks depressing batya. i do forward your articles to some of my rabbis and orth friends. mostly they agree, though they feel very optimistic all will be well. i pray daily for your pm. bb. Hashem gave him a second chance to lead His first born and may he realise his position is from Hashem, not the polls.
one of my rabbis from agudathisrael, wrote to me:
""Rabbi Blumenkrantz's metaphor, which I shared with you once before, we are the matza, the nations of the world are the cake. We have been beaten and burnt with fire and will last forever; they can't stand any adversity, they crumble instead;..... except for the righteous gentiles who remain faithful". The last line was added by my own rabbi.
and he always quotes
"Pesach, in the Haggada -- In each and every generation they rise up against us to destroy us, and the Holy One Blessed is He rescues us from their hands."

Anonymous said...

Thank you 10 Rainbow for a correct analysis because in the end, all will be well. Do believe Israel was sold out long ago, maybe from beginning, and was the way of creating the State and, of course, since Oslo, it was completely sold out. This is all part of the Geulah process, and all in His Hands (so to speak). The nations will, most likely, soon gather against us but will lead only to the downfall of all who go against Israel, and H' will step in which will lead to our Redemption. (The neviim say it all, just read the Tanach)

Leah said...

I was looking today on the internet and saw that indeed Obammy has had "talks" with Rouhani somebody or other who's name I cannot write let alone pronounce in Iran who is not waxing eloquent about how horrible the holocaust was and how he reallllly wants to work with the US cough cough, vomit gag....
He really wants: to help (with great enthusiasm) his people and his allies to starts up with Israel and so if/when Israel responds then Rouhani can say, "See! It's Israel's fault. Those big bad Israeli's - those Jews! They are evil. For forty years they have been so evil, blah blah blah. Oh, Obammy, please help us! Isolate Israel.
Every day we come closer to Moshiach. Everyday, Batya. Everyday. I am amazed at how it close the Geulah is.
It used to be - even just 8 years ago that you would read something astonishing every year. Then, it became once every six months. Then, once every several months, then weeks, then weekly. Now? It's once a day....culminating into very drastic pieces of the puzzle.

Leah said...

You, Batya are truly strong and righteous. I learn from you and take strength from you.

Batya said...

rainbow, a, Leah, thanks for your support and encouragement.

We know that it will be good "in the end." We just don't know when the "end" will be. How close are we?

in the vanguard said...

The people at one point had wool over their eyes, believing and trusting their politicians. Fools of course remain, but no more will the majority be fooled. Therefore Hashem, who reads the hearts of all, will not let Israel be further removed from its land. The buck has stopped and only good news will now pour forth. We ARE in the Era of Redemption, and no politics will reverse that any longer. We've reached critical momentum. Regarding those politicians who think they can further strip Jews of their land, we say
"דברו דבר ולא יקום"

Anonymous said...

The West hasn't redemption nor a future nor heavens, clearly. Dr. Zohar Raviv: It's either everybody acknowledges it or no. Let me tell you, my deer, there are pockets in this world who've all ready achieved the messianic era; there are people in this world who all ready achieved a personal redemption that allows them to impact those around them.

Batya said...

van, I don't like overconfidence
a, The Jewish people have seen the demise of many "powers," and we're still here.

Leah said...

Batya, we are very very close.

Batya said...

OK, Leah...