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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back to Reality, Syria: Should Obama Stir the Hornets Nest?

It was truly wonderful having a "three day Rosh Hashannah Weekend" and escape the news, internet, newspapers, telephones etc. This year (next year, too) the Jewish New Year Holiday, Rosh Hashannah began Wednesday evening, was followed immediately by Shabbat and we were only permitted to check the news, computer etc. a few short hours ago here in Israel.  I really enjoy the escape and treasure my time in the synagogue listening and praying, being with neighbors for meals and all that tuning out from the mundane, the news, politics etc.

We live in the real world, and after those three heavenly days I turned on the computer and hoped there would be good news.

Obama hasn't pushed the button yet.  The United States President Barack Lame Duck Hussein Obama is still trying to get international and American support for his plan to "punish" Syrian Bashar al-Assad for gassing his opponents.  The limited attack Obama first mentioned is expanding like yeast dough on a hot day, while his support is shrinking. It's like a bad day for yin/yang. His entire plan is hinged on being able to entrust the Syrian people to their moral, western-minded opposition leaders, which any competent political scientist would call an oxymoron. I suggest reading Who are the Syrian rebels? By Barak Barfi, Special to CNN.
(CNN) -- The Syrian civil war has birthed rebel groups across a wide ideological and geographic spectrum. Some are nationalists bent on liberating their country from a ruthless regime. Others view the conflict as a springboard to a global jihad. A number are active only in their home province, while others are present throughout the country.
A closer look at Syrian rebel units illustrates the balance of forces on the battlefield. In examining these groups, it is clear that those allied with the United States have become increasingly marginalized by jihadists and Salafists, who are the most powerful players in the revolution...
Even if the military aspect of Obama's plan is successful, it's for naught unless there's a real improvement in Syria, and the chances of that are like the chances I'll be a tall, slim millionaire if I eat according to a raw food diet.

Another thing to worry about is that the military plan seems to be growing, at least according to DEBKAfile Special Report hat tip Israpundit.
The reports coming out of Washington in the last 24 hours indicate that US President Barack Obama has resolved not just to degrade Syria’s chemical capabilities but also to take down Bashar Assad’s air force, destroy his air bases and knock out his ground-to-ground ballistic missiles, using giant B-52 bombers and B-2 stealth bombers. Some of the bombers will fly in directly from the US; others from the Al Udeid base in Qatar. F-22 Raptor fighter-bombers are also scheduled to take part in the US air offensive...
Russia and Iran are already getting set to replenish by air and sea the losses the US air and missile offensive is expected to inflict on the Syria military.
I don't approve of chemical weapons, but I don't see how these proposed attacks will teach Bashar al-Assad about morality nor make life better for Syrians or anybody else in our troubled world.  Societies and mentalities change very slowly.  Bombing Syria won't make it a kinder, gentler, more western and peace-loving place.  It certainly won't gain support for the American backed opposition.

I suggest that Obama hit a golf ball instead.

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