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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Twenty Years of Oslo, Nightmare Not Dream

I wasn't planning on posting about the Oslo Accords which had been illegally and immorally forced on the State of Israel by extreme Left Israelis who didn't have the authority to negotiate in the name of the government but did.  I thought I'd post something nice about Succot, the holiday that commemorates the Biblical trek to the HolyLand.  But when I listened to the "discussion" on the Israel Hayom site between Ruthie Blum and Steve Ganot, I grrrumbled and knew that I just had to write about it.

I don't know Ganot but I do know Ruthie Blum and agree with her.  She didn't get her fair share of the time.  Ganot didn't make sense.  One of the earlier things he claimed was that the Arab violence was  against the Oslo Accords.  That's totally inaccurate.  The Arab violence was terrorism against Jews in the Land of Israel and the existence of the State of Israel.

Ganot also kept talking as if he was speaking for all Israelis, which isn't the case.  It's obvious that he's a Leftist no matter what he may call himself.  His aim is "peace" and not a viable, secure Jewish State called Israel.  Ruthie Blum hit on target when she said that  a war shouldn't have peace as its goal, only victory. 

Ganot also kept harping on the Israeli "dream" of peace.  Dreams aren't always realistic.  And the fact that the Israeli media has promoted a "dream" that has no chance of being reality in the near future is a big problem.  It's dangerous, just like those anorexics who want to be "thin like models" even when it's not suitable for their body type.  Anorexia can kill, and those who claim that Israel can survive after giving our Land to the Arabs are 100% wrong.  An anorexic state can't sustain itself when not only is it surrounded by enemies, but there are enemies inside whose goal is to destroy us.

Stop dreaming. Get real, or life will become a real nightmare!

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