Monday, September 2, 2013

As The Rosh Hashannah Deadline Approaches...

One of my favorite bloggers, the Bima Ima, has been keeping to a Teshuva, repentance, introspection program you can follow from this chart.  I did one post based on it over a week ago and promised to post more.  So here follows...

17 Awaken- Consider this the Scarlett O'Hara lesson that as long as G-d as given us a very special gift, the tool of Teshuva, repentance.  "It's not over till it's over"  "Yogi" Berra.   Just because it looks like all is lost doesn't mean that we can't change and win.

18 Pray- Living here in Shiloh where Chana successfully prayed for a son to lead the Jewish people out of its leaderless anarchy, I feel very connected to G-d, more than ever before.

19 Ask G-d if it's possible.  Don't just make demands.  There is never a guarantee that G-d will grant everything we request.

20 Judge others favorable, as you would wish to be judged.  We don't know everything going on with people, so it's not wise to be harsh.

21 Change is our responsibility. We shouldn't only make demands on others.  If we succeed in changing, our perspectives of others will change in accordance.

22 Dare yourself to do something you've always feared.  That really resonates with me.  Why am I so terrified of trying to market my writing?  Why do I work at such a low-paying job when I do have many other marketable talents?

23 Love yourself, another very hard one.  Many of us were raised to be hyper-critical of ourselves.

24 End negative habits.  That's so easy to write and difficult to do.

Hachanut shel Ruti
25 Begin each day thanking G-d for giving us the chance to start afresh.

I hope to find the time to finish this before Rosh Hashannah.  If not, then I will, bli neder, finish afterwards.


Shy Guy said...

I know you didn't mean it literally but learning Teshuva from Scarlett O'Hara's "after all, tomorrow is another day" is totally ironic when taken in the context of what she intended.


Batya said...

Shy, I always considered Scarlett's "another day" line to be an alternative to suicide. Sometimes people think that they have gone too far away to come back, but they must understand that G-d gives us "another day."

Shy Guy said...

Scarlett O'Hara was a most nihilistic character.

She never would have suicided. It took her all of 2 seconds to hear the voices in her head telling her that it's the red earth of Tara that matters.

So back to Tara she goes! As for Rhett? Manana.

Scarlett's priorities were based on self-serving pragmatism.