Sunday, September 15, 2013

What Should We Believe re: Chemical Weapons, Iraq, Syria, Obama, Peace etc.?

We live in very confusing, tricky times etc.   Along with the blessings and advantages of instant communications, internet and more, there is also the downside.  Anyone can post anything, truth, lies, tricks etc. It was once a schlepp to get over to someone's wagon or tent to hear his message, but now, you just have to answer your phone or turn on your computer or television. You don't have to leave the comfort of your favorite chair.

So, you tell me:

Are we supposed to believe that United States Secretary of State Kerry can broker a deal to make "peace" between Israel and the Arabs?

Has Syria been secretly transporting its chemical weapons to Iraq? Or is that untrue?

Will the latest "Arab spring" bring a breath of freedom and fresh air?

Has United States President Barack Hussein Obama made the right decision to go with Russia on Syria?

Is the "Two State Solution" the savior of the State of Israel or could it be the cause of its destruction?

Everybody claims to "KNOW."  But considering how few people really agree with each other, then it's obvious that they don't know because two conflicting opinions/facts can't be right.

Today while paddling around the pool, I was talking health and recipes with a friend. She asked how I cook vegetables.  I told her that I use plain old-fashioned soy oil.
"But I've been told that olive oil is healthier."
"Yes, it is, but I don't think that it's any healthier after being cooked.  The experts say that we should only use cold-pressed olive oil, because the heat can destroy the goodness, vitamins, minerals.  Cooking with olive oil then destroys even more.  So I use olive oil in salads but not for cooking."
Yes, that's an example of how my mind works.  I don't cook with honey for the same reason.  If heating the honey for commercial production isn't good for the honey, then heating it for cooking can't be good either.

I look and listen to what the Arabs are saying.  I consider the Palestine Media Watch site to be extremely important. Instead of listening to politicians and the media projecting their presumptions, I want to know what our enemies are saying to each other and their people.  They are not educating for peace with Israel.  They are education, promoting the total destruction of the State of Israel and the banishment of the Jewish People.

They have been very clever in how they do it.  This was explained with multiple illustrations at the event memorializing Emanuel Winston, Twenty Years Since the Oslo Accords. Unfortunately, the Jewish People hasn't been using its advertising and promotion talents to counteract the Arab campaign.

It's time for us to take the lead, isn't it?


Shifra said...

Yes, it is time for us to take the lead.

What do you suggest?

in the vanguard said...

It's high time we started to assert our right to live in a Jewish INDEPENDENT land, DEPENDENT ONLY ON HASHEM! We should take matters that matter to us in our hand, and only in our hands. If you haven't yet noticed this is what God is hinting to you, then know He placed a Muslim in the Pennsylvania Black House - to let you know THAT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING - and NOT relying on anyone else. There's never been a war where God did not help the Jewish nation in a big way since the birth pangs of Moshiach (=WWII), and that will not change; In fact, it will augment, as we saw in miniature fashion back in the Persian Gulf War, where it rained upon Israel Scud Missiles, each missile bigger than a bus, and no human therefrom was hurt. 39 buses to be sure. We are past the threshold of the Era of Redemption, and the sooner we fasten our own seat belts to take things into our own hands, the faster will come God's providence and ultimate salvation.

Anonymous said...

I DO KNOW and you can too, but not b/c of any wisdom in myself, but b/c truth on this topic of all topics has been explicitly revealed to humanity by God in His self-authenticating Word. With a humble, submissive heart ask Him to open your eyes, then go read your Bible, it's right there clear as can be - ER.

Batya said...

Thanks, I agree. The answers aren't with these men at all.