Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Peace" at Any Cost- Is it PEACE?

The slick advertising campaign has begun!

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been saying that he'll ask the Israeli public to approve any drastic (is that the right adjective?) "peace" sic treaty his staff comes up with.
According to sources in the Prime Minister’s Office who spoke to Hebrew Daily Israel Hayom, the move aims to advance the diplomatic process, and shows how serious Netanyahu is about resuming talks.

Whenever he talks about "painful concessions" I and he knows too that he's just weakening Israel for defeat at war.
"We must ... find a way to forge a lasting peace with the Palestinians," says Netanyahu, and that will mean "painful concessions" on Israel's part that include ceding some places that are part of the Jewish homelands.

There is no way that a true, genuine peace agreement can be painful.  And  there's no way that a shrunken, amputated Israel will be secure and safe.  The word "peace" has become a euphemism for an Israel on the way to destruction, G-d forbid.

In the meantime, the Israeli Left is trying to brainwash the nation that "everyone" wants peace at any price.  IMRA posted an interesting post about the public relations campaign now going on to distort the news of Israeli opinion polls:
Haaretz cooks poll question to show support for deal - while 61%:26% Israelis
oppose deal
Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA 24 July 20013

The folks at Haaretz needed a poll showing that the public supports a peace
agreement but they had a problem:

The moment that you actually say anything about the agreement, the public is
overwhelmingly opposed.

That's what Maagar - Interdisciplinary Research and Consulting Institute
Ltd., managed by Professor Yitzhak Katz found in a poll of 503 Israelis they
carried out on 22 July for Channel 10
In principle, are you for or against signing a full peace agreement with the
Palestinians on the basis of the 1967 borders, including the exchange of
territory and release of prisoners?
Total: For 29% Against 57% Other replies 14%
and it gets only worse when you spell it out even more:
Are you for or against signing a peace agreement with the Palestinians on
the basis of the 1967 borders, including the evacuation of communities with
the exception of settlement blocs, exchange of territory, Palestinians
recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish People, and release of
Palestinians with "blood on their hands".
Total: For 26% Against 61% Other 13%

So here is the propaganda piece that Haaretz commissioned in a poll carried
out 23 July - by Dialogue under the supervision of statistics professor and
pollster Camil Fuchs of a representative sample of 511 adult Israelis
(including Israeli Arabs). Published in Haaretz on 24 July 2013

Assume that the Prime Minister reaches an agreement with the Palestinians
and brings it to a national referendum, would you support or oppose it?
Support 39% Think support 16% Think oppose 5% Oppose 20% Don’t know 20%

What's the problem with this question?

There are, no doubt, many respondents who were in the "plus column" who
support Netanyahu and were thinking that, in the absence of information
about the deal, that a deal that Netanyahu brings to a national referendum
would have to be radically different than the kind of deal that the talking
heads have been outlining for the last two decades. Take note the huge
"Don't know" response.

The Haaretz poll is meaningless because if and when we reach the point that
there is a national referendum the details of the deal will very much be the
subject of considerable debate.

Remember that democracy is the rule of fools, and most people are easy to trick.  I am not optimistic about the results of such a referendum, and that's for a few reasons.
  1. It will be professionally worded to give the impression that the result will be peace.
  2. The campaign will stress that if we don't sign two terrible things will happen.  One that  the world will hate us and two that there will be immediate war.
In the time of the Bible, very soon after Moses led the Jewish People from slavery to Pharaoh in Egypt, he sent out twelve tribal leaders, one from each tribe, to stakeout the Land in preparation for immediate entry.  Ten out of twelve came back with frightening reports that although the Land was rich and fertile, there was no way the Jewish People could win any war against the present residents.  Democracy! The two dissenting leaders, Joshua and Caleb tried to convince the people otherwise and were voted down in that early referendum.  Democracy!

As a result, G-d punished the people by declaring that they must wait in the wilderness until another generation would be born. 

Today we are physically in the promised Land, the Land G-d gave us, but ideologically, spiritually and emotionally, we the Jewish People are still not ready for the gifts G-d has given us.  Peace will not come from concessions to our enemies.  Peace will only come from our being truly sovereign in the Land of Israel, G-d willing.


Shy Guy said...

Reminder: Cost

Stupid Israelis.

Anonymous said...

Dvorah Bee We will have to fight for Peace. If we do not fight for it, we will lose everything, our sovereignty, our independence, and our Jewish rights to the land given to us by Hashem. I can only imagine His anguish and sadness over His children, that they would be so ungrateful as to think they can sit and do nothing while the Muslims take over- first the Temple Mount, then the rest. Our leader is permitting this- he could easily throw the wakf out. This kind of acquiescence to Islamic force will destroy all the work, all the redemption, all the history, the suffering, the miracles. Hamas is building weapons inside gaza now, that will be much more effective in killing Jews. Why is Hamas not eliminated? The US would not tolerate it- when Japan pulled one surprise attack, such as have the Hamasniks, we all know what happened- AMERICA does not wait- same with 911.

Batya said...

Shy, yes,

debby, I'm not Dvorah Bee. The only way to fight for peace is to defeat one's enemy until he/she/it begs for peace.

Edward F. Villa said...

Dear Batya,

It is as like The Sin of The Spies what is happening in Israel all over again .

What I can't forget is what also occurred 8 years ago in Gush Katif .

Why aren't Israelis remembering all of their brothers and sisters they uprooted ... Amona and Migron, too ?

If Israel wants truly peace, Batya
It is going to have to be on

God's Terms as it is says in The Torah .

There has to be a rectification of deed and no more un Godly leadership in Israel .

I would love to finally see a David like leader that would not succumb to the threats or fears of any man , but would do battle for their people Israel and that God would be with them .

Maybe then can there be a fighting chance for true Godly leadership in Israel .

Until then , we can pray and do what we can in the fight for Israel's just cause and Righteous Role in The World in Service to God .

Maybe it is as simple as asking for God's Tshuva and to send a Godly prophet like Eliyahu to prepare The Nation to have a King and Kohen Gadol anointed anew and The Biet Ha Mikdash rebuilt speedily in these days ?

If life could be only so simple .

With a warm Thank You Shabbat Shalom Batya ,

In Gratitude,
Kind regards to you and all of Shiloh and Israel too ,

Edward F. Villa
Hebrew name
David Shimshon

Batya said...

Edward for sure we need a real King David, not another false prophet.