Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Isn't This Reuter's Picture of Ofra Photoshopped?

I am very familiar with the community of Ofra from all angles, and I can't see how this picture can be real.

The Jewish community of Ofra, 15 kilometers (10 miles) north of Jerusalem.
Photo credit: Reuters

I've seen it on the Jerusalem Post site and complained about it many times.  Israel Hayom credits Reuters.  I credit some photoshop photo-faker.  Can anyone prove me right or wrong?


Eliyahu S. said...

Professional camera lens can also do foreshortening, I think it's called, which makes distant objects in the background appear as if they're closer to the foreground. It's used when you want to highlight the foreground object against a distant background. In this case, it seems they've done it to make it look as if the Jewish houses are in the midst of Arab houses that are in reality far away.

Joe in Australia said...

I don't know the area, but from Google Maps' satellite image I think it looks like the photographer was standing on Shivtei street in Ofra, photographing the houses with a long lens pointed east. As Eliyahu S. says, this makes the image look visually compressed.