Friday, July 19, 2013

Israeli-Jewish Sovereignty in Jerusalem?

It's no secret that there are Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem where Israeli Jewish Policemen fear to tread.  Here are some disturbing pictures and an article from Algemeiner about an Arab attack on Jews near the Old City of Jerusalem.
A frenzied Arab mob smashed car windshields with rocks and pieces of wood, as Jews drove by Jerusalem’s Damascus (Shechem) Gate Tuesday night, with several of the perpetrators arrested by Jerusalem Police, Israel’s Channel 7 reported on Thursday, citing video recorded by the assailants and uploaded to the internet.
The video, posted on the “Free Qudss” accounts on YouTube and Facebook, begins with the statement: “Destroying the settlers cars and arrests.” The narrator claims the recording was made on Tuesday evening.
At least here the police attempted to protect the Jews.

This happened not far from the Jerusalem Lightrail.

The Muslim world is now in the midst of Ramadan, the month in which they fast during the day and feast and party all night.

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