Sunday, July 14, 2013

Diskin, Please Worry More About Israel Than The "Two State Solution" and That "P" State!

Here we are the day before beginning the fast of Tisha (9th of Av) B'Av, the saddest day in the Jewish Calendar.  It's when we commemorate the destruction of our Holy Temples in Jerusalem.  it's supposed to be a two day fast, because the height of the destruction was really two days long, ending on the tenth of Av.  Our sages in their mercy and understanding the physical limits of human beings decided that we only fast one day but continue the mourning customs an additional day.  We, the Jewish People were/are supposed to remember that G-d commanded us to do three things when entering the Land of Israel:
  1. anoint a king
  2. destroy our enemies
  3. build the Holy Temple
After the destruction of the Holy Temple, the first and the second, we were exiled and forced to start again.  And now, two thousand years later we are again at that point when we must have the right leaders, a king, destroy our enemies-the Arab terrorists, and then we must build the Holy Temple. 

There is nothing here about a "two state solution."  It's not on the menu, not on the itinerary.  It's definitely not in G-d's instruction sheet.  It goes one hundred percent 100% against everything needed to preserve, develop and protect the State of Israel.  So when people like Diskin make these uncalled for, nonsensical announcements I get very worried:
Diskin: Israel nears point of no return on two-state solution
Former Shin Bet chief calls on Netanyahu to "overcome fears"; fears Mideast conflict is taking a back seat in Israeli public interest.
Given the complexity and the gravity of the situation, I would recommend that Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is famous for his admiration for Winston Churchill and is wont to quote him, make it a point to internalize this quote from the latter: “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” This is true leadership in a nutshell. It is a leadership that adheres to a determined path, one that is determined to realize the goals that it has established.
There is no alternative but to enter into a diplomatic process with the Palestinians, here and now, despite the anxieties and the numerous risks. Without such a process, we will certainly cross the point of no return, after which we will be left with one state from the river to the sea for two peoples. The consequences of such a state for our national identity, our security, our ability to maintain a worthy, democratic state, our moral fiber as a society, and our place in the family of nations would be far-reaching.
What are his priorities?  What values does he refer to?  What is Diskin's definition of the goals and values of the State of Israel.  He seems much too concerned with the Arabs and what others think.  Diskin definitely downplays the risks.  The risk is one very serious one, the total destruction of the State of Israel and the murder of millions of Jews.  A "democratic state" should not be his priority; his and our priority must be a Jewish State and defining Jewish by our Jewish sources, traditions, religion, not the secular, western assimilated version of Judaism.

Western "democracy" is not Jewish.  It is the antithesis of the concept of a monotheistic religion like Judaism.  If we are to believe in G-d and that G-d invented/gave us Judaism, its laws, calendar etc. then we must also recognize that we do not have the power to veto or vote on those G-d-given laws.

We will only have peace when we are true to ourselves as the Jewish People.  The Arabs who want to live here in peace with us will stay, and others when they realize we are serious will leave.  It only encourages murderous terrorism to make them think that they will get a state with which to destroy us.  Like in the "Wizard of Oz," when Dorothy discovers that she has had the key to her return on her feet all along, those Ruby slippers, we have the only way to peace in our Jewish Religion.  REMEBER!


Shy Guy said...

Diskin is an Israeli.

We are Jews.

The two are more and more diametrically opposed, whether Rav Kook would have liked to hear it or not.

I was listening to Israel's Reshet Bet morning program yesterday. Some professor got on and said that it's terrible that in a recent poll, such a large percentage of Israel's Jewish population want the Beit Hamikdash to be built.

How he lamented! Think of what that would do to our relations with the boor Balestinians! Besides, our "mikdash" today is the Technion, Hebrew U. and the Weitzman Institute, yada, yada. All this while whoever the government employed show host(ess) was is grunting in agreement.

I got sick and shut the radio off.

You don't have to go 2000 years back to lament on Tisha b'Av. There's plenty of "now" to be very disturbed about.

Batya said...

Shy, yes, what you wrote is sadly true, but there are Jews who combine the best. It's a slow process, G-d willing things will get better.