Saturday, July 20, 2013

Insanity Reigns, Bad and Dangerous

The State of Israel has been trying to "make peace" with our Arab neighbors enemies for sixty-five years (since the beginning of the state) or even longer.  We keep using the same failed methods, concessions, gestures, negotiations, withdrawals, concessions, terrorist prisoner release, concessions, negotiations, withdrawals, begging... ad nauseum.  Dizzying, isn't it?

Photo: GPO/Amos Ben Gershom
And now the big headlines are that we're...  you guessed it... willing to compromise our sovereignty and sanity to "negotiate" again.
WASHINGTON -- John Kerry scored a major diplomatic victory today, announcing on his sixth trip to the region as secretary of state a deal enabling the resumption of direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Representatives will travel to Washington next week to begin negotiations.
That is where the difficulties will begin for the United States. In both Israel and the PLO, major coalition players have threatened revolt over basic negotiation points: prisoner concessions, a preliminary acceptance of pre-1967 borders, and settlement construction, among other issues. If these players genuinely threaten to disrupt their respective governments, Kerry may see an end to the negotiations he fought so hard for before they even begin in earnest.
It didn't work last year, nor a decade ago, nor half a century ago.

Even, or should I say especially, the Nobel Peace Prize winning agreements haven't brought peace to Israel.

So why do we keep on with this charade?

And why am I so certain that it won't work?

It won't work for the very simple reason that this isn't a matter of a disagreement that can be solved through compromise and negotiation. If you want to look at it as two simple sides, Israel versus the Arabs, here it is.
  • Israel offers peace and has never had any plans or done any action to destroy any of the Arab countries in the area.
  • The Arab aim is the destruction of the State of Israel and wants all Jews to leave the area.
Besides, G-d forbid, another Masada, mass Jewish suicide and the self-destruction of the State of Israel, there is no way for the two sides to meet. 

Whenever Israel shows its desperation for "peace" at any price, we just look weaker and riper for the picking.  The Israeli politicians who keep promoting "peace talks" are endangering the security of the country.  I don't care what the foreigners, like American Obama or Kerry think and say.  They aren't my gods or leaders.

There is one way to get peace.  It certainly won't be immediate.  We must stop agreeing to negotiate.  We must declare that the Arabs will just have to live with a State of Israel.  We will do anything necessary to defend ourselves.  Terrorists who murder or attempt to murder Jews will be executed according to law.  Yes, the law must be changed. And that includes throwing rocks on a Jewish car.  Parents of minors who murder or attempt to murder Jews can choose whether to be executed instead of their child.  If the child is an orphan then execute the guardian.  And justice must be swift.  Terrorism will quickly drop when the terrorists and their families pay with their lives.

Any country or international organization that promotes boycotts of Israel will be banned.  Declare the diplomats persona non grata.

That's it.


goyisherebbe said...

I think that your proposal is too lenient. I think that any village or refugee camp which harbors terrorists should be wiped off the map. Jewish settlements should be established in their places. Executing one murderer only makes a martyr. We must declare that Jewish life is not less valuable than murderers' lives, as we have been showing with prisoner exchanges, but rather that ours are MORE valuable. At every juncture we should offer the terrorist and his extended family or village the option of emigration rather than execution. But not one by one. In large numbers. At the same time we should welcome back Palestinians with Jewish ancestry who wish to return to the Jewish people. That is the carrot which goes with the stick. But only if they have not been implicated in terror.

Anonymous said...

It's just Bibi... AT HIS USUAL SINCE 1996...

Anonymous said...

"No Justice. But Plenty of Pieces."
— Ma Nishtana

Batya said...

Goyish, I tried to be as pragmatic as possible. Your proposal just doesn't have a chance to pass. But I'm glad that yours is also on the table, because I suddenly appear moderate.

a, and a, yes