Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jewish Rights in The Land of Israel. Stop the Anti-Jewish Apartheid Now!

Finally some good news from the Israeli Justice system.  The courts have recognized the purchase of a house in Hebron by Jews as legitimate.
Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post
A military appeals panel on Monday legally validated the Hebron Jewish community’s purchase in 2012 of a three-story building across from the Cave of the Patriarchs, known as Beit Hamachpela.
But families could only move into the building if Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon authorizes the purchase and gives them permission to do so.
Why should a simple commercial action make the headlines? 

Unfortunately, the Israeli Government complicates such purchases by following extreme Left policies/ideology that preaches anti-Jewish apartheid practices, severely restricting where Jews can live.

When Arabs buy in a Jewish town or building, the courts protect the Arab, but when Jews buy property previously owned by Arabs, or inhabited by Arab squatters, the courts twist everything in their powers to delegitimize Jewish ownership.  That is the true, unpleasant and undemocratic and actually illegal situation in Israel.  We Jews are at a legal disadvantage.

Even worse, there are signs in various places warning Jewish Israelis to stay out of Arab roads and towns.  And if a Jew does enter and is injured or killed, G-d forbid, it's the victim, the Jew, who is blamed.  Nobody seems outraged or surprised that Arabs attack Jews.  This mentality, policy is what is preventing the Arabs from developing a pro-peace culture.

Peace, true, genuine peace will only develop when we demand respect and stop begging, understanding and justifying Arab aggression.

We will only have peace when Jews can live safely and securely among Arabs.  The Jews of Hebron, like those who have been planning to live in the Beit Hamachpela are doing everything they can to bring true peace of our Land.  They are on a much higher level than those of us who live in towns like Shiloh, which are protected "bubbles" generally a distance from Arab villages.  True peace will come more from Hebron than from Tel Aviv, but it will only begin when the anti-Jewish apartheid ends.

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