Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Terrorist Anarchists Against Peace Attack My Work Place

I work in Yafiz, the clothing store of Rami Levy in Sha'ar Binyamin.  This morning our little island of peace and cooperation was defiled. A gang of anti-Israel terrorists, backed by their own professional publicity team, invaded Rami Levy in Sha'ar Binyamin.  OK, before you die of curiosity; I wasn't there.  I don't work full-time.

Video courtesy of "Regavim"

In the past I've blogged about the warm, peaceful relations between Jewish and Arab, workers and customers.  I don't think any of us working there took jobs for that sort of political or ideological reason.  We work there because we need the money and the location is near home.  Jews and Arabs shop there, because the price, location and products are good.  Most people are pragmatists.

I've experienced Arabs from Ramalla, Shechem and various villages shake my hands and even some women hug me to thank me for serving them and helping them find just what they needed. 

A couple of weeks ago, one woman from a large Arab city told me that she enjoyed practicing her English with me.  She's an English Teacher and insisted that I'd make good money teaching English in Arab universities in Jenin or "Nabulus."  That really threw me.  Could she really be unaware that I'm Jewish and wouldn't be safe nor accepted in those places?  Seriously, that's how comfortable and accepted our Arab customers feel.

It's obvious that the Leftist extremists and anarchists from Israel and abroad are very unhappy that there is peaceful coexistence in places like Sha'ar Binyamin.  It's obvious that they are against peace.  They don't want Jews and Arabs to get along, especially when the Jews are people like me, proud, religious and Right.

The success of stores and shopping areas like Rami Levy in Sha'ar Binyamin threatens the false image the Leftists try to promote. 

The truth is that Left wing ideology is anti-peace and anti-security and stability.

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