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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama's "Romnesia" Line, Like a 4 year old Calling Someone "Doodoo"

There's an inherent immaturity in the entire Obama campaign for another chance to fix America and his calling Mitt Romney "Romnesia."  Obama new "stump" speech was well-written and gets lots of cheers, but he'd be cheered just for burping, too.

I find those signs stating "FORWARD" rather ironic, considering that Barack Hussein Obama is the sitting President of the United States.  I have no doubt that the placing of all the young women standing behind him, black and white, though not Asian as far as I can see, was planned, too.

Last night was the final debate between the two candidates for United states Presidency, Obama and Romney.  I'll quote here a bit from the Huffington Post live blogging:

It's seems like Obama was at a great advantage because of his horrendous performance at the first debate. He could only go up and one of the polling questions is "better than expectations"
CNN Poll Declares Obama Debate Winner
A CNN poll of registered voters who watched the debate found that 48 percent said that President Barack Obama won the debate and 40 percent said Mitt Romney did.
Registered voters in the CNN poll were more likely to say Obama outperformed their expectations than Romney did, perhaps reflecting expectations set by Obama's poor performance in the first debate.
Fifty-nine percent of respondents said Obama performed better than expected, 15 percent worse than expected, and 23 percent said he performed the same as expected. Romney outperformed the expectations of fewer respondents: 44 percent said he did better, 26 percent worse, and 26 percent the same as they expected.
-- Emily Swanson
As a former teacher and one who remembers too much about my own education, I think that "class size" is over-rated:
Class size has become a pulse point for education in the election, with Romney telling Philadelphia teachers in the spring that class size doesn't matter for educational outcomes, and that "Just getting smaller classrooms didn't seem to be the key." Romney also made fun of Obama for trying to keep more teachers in the classroom.

The key to effective teaching is homogeneous rather than heterogeneous classes. If the students are of similar intelligence and success levels it's much easier for them to learn and easier for teachers to teach.  I was in over-crowded 40-plus classes in elementary school and we all did fine, because we learned at the same rapid pace.  The children who needed more attention and help were in smaller classes.  You can't give all kids the same class size for a good education.  A dozen kids in the class on different levels will demand a dozen lesson plans.

On SFGate I found the Obama quotation that seems extremely problematic in his comprehension of what's going on in the Arab world.  Quoting from that site:
Romney was right to point out that Obama was wrong to nudge Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak out of office when the president must have known that the anti-Israel and anti-American Muslim Brotherhood would move in. Obama countered, "In Egypt, we stood on the side of democracy."
Alas, the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't stand on the side of democracy.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/saunders/article/Obama-vs-Romney-the-peacenik-3972657.php#ixzz2A6BodkJ0
I'm glad that the American Elections will be over a couple of months before the Israeli ones. American Elections are a "one ring" circus, while Israeli elections have multiple rings.


goyisherebbe said...

I'm getting sick of elections in general because they are somewhat of a con job. The type of people who have the power, money, influence and ambition to be a president or prime minister are most likely to be out of touch with normal people and the type of person whom I would least trust. They hang out with big business, big govt., big labor, big media, big academia and big entertainment. They think they are hot ****. What if we could get someone elected who was used to riding on buses?

Netivotgirl said...

You are so right about going back to homogeneous classes. As a teacher for 35 years (EFL) I agree! When levels are mixed all kids miss out just like 'one size fits none' clothing!! The weakies, feeling intimidated by brighter kids are afraid to open their mouths; the strong pupils are bored out of their skull and who remains to teach? 9/40 kids?? Gosh how I pray Hashem gives us Romney. He hasn't explained enough of his plans, but NOTHING could be worse than Obama. I already cast my absentee ballot and I pray all Americans here in Israel did as well!

Moriah said...

"Obama's "Romnesia" Line, Like a 4 year old Calling Somone "Doodoo""

That's because he's appealing to his base:


Batya said...

goyish, the only still active politician who would ride a bus if he still could is Benny Begin. the security team won't let him. As a minister he's required to be driven around. Benny also loves to shop in Machane Yehuda and did it for as long as he could.

Netivotgirl, they just won't listen to us.

Moriah, exactly. And to think that those clowns are voting... democracy is dangerous