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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama- Taking Remedial Debating 101

If I was a full-time, resident American, instead of an expatriate, I'd be pretty nervous about having a President who needs so much prepping before a debate
...the history that dominated his presidential study sessions was of a far more recent kind: how not to repeat the mistakes he made at his first debate with Mitt Romney a week and a half ago, when he stood by passively as an aggressive Mr. Romney dominated him, abruptly curtailing Mr. Obama’s momentum and turning the campaign upside down.
The president and his aides were clearly taking debate prep far more seriously this time around.
You'd think that a trained lawyer and former legislator would have basic debating skills and would be quick enough on his feet to know how to give the impression of easy and fluent replies to all sorts of questions.

Yes, it's expected for the two candidates to practice, with staff that will try to guess the possible quips accusations and statements of the opponent.  They'll try to be prepared with replies to counter whatever is said against them. 
Obama honed his debating skills at a Williamsburg, Va., resort over the weekend with message guru David Axelrod and Sen. John Kerry — who plays Romney in practice drills.
There are basic debating, public speaking, off the cuff skills that just can't be learned in a short time.  It seems like American voters, especially those who voted Democratic Party four years ago, are starting to realize that Barack Hussein Obama isn't the great speaker they had believed he was.  Anyone who can't hold his own in a debate isn't much of an orator.  And if he can't memorize his speeches and needs the help of a teleprompter, he is in really bad shape.

No doubt, Americans have been suckered.  Well, elections are just in a few weeks.  There is another candidate; his name is Mitt Romney who has much more experience in all sorts of fields than the sitting President.

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