Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Behind The Headlines, Not The New York Times

Here are a couple of glimpses of real life here in Israel.

First there's the video of Arabs and Leftists faking evidence of Jewish destruction of olive trees.

The Arabs and the leftist extremist who were caught on video were sawing through the trunks and branches and leaving them near the cut off trunks in an area near the Elon Moreh’s homes, as well as in another location near the entrance to the community.
Council volunteers photographed them in the act and called the police.
The Chairman of the Shomron Residents Council, Benny Katzover, said, “Just yesterday we called on the public to equip themselves with cameras in order to document provocations, and already today a provocation was filmed, the act of uprooting olive trees in real time. It's clear to everyone that if the alert volunteers had not recorded the provocation in real time, the whole world would have shouted and condemned the settlers and the State of Israel.” (complete article)

Jews do not do such things.

And here is Miriam's post about living under fire in Israel's Negev region.
As I have written before, my family and I live in the south of Israel, the Negev. We live in a war zone, never knowing when or where a rocket will explode...
Children are afraid to play outside, go to school and go to sleep. They are afraid a missile will hit them and they will die or their family will die. The elderly are suffering from fear...fear that they can’t get to the safe room on time. Depression among citizens is very high. Enjoying a Shabbat meal or going for a Shabbat walk is something we can’t take for granted. A siren can sound at any time.
The situation is impossible, residents are told not to leave their shelters. Over a million Israeli citizens are held hostage!

The Israeli Government keeps on claiming that it's enough to have the Iron Dome catch/destroy the deadly missiles the Arab terrorists launch at Israel.  On occasion, Israel retaliates, but it's like trying to stop a swarm of bees wit a small flyswatter.


Yocheved said...

Israel needs leadership, not flunkies in positions of authority. We have suffered repeated attacks of war and responded as wimps. It is long past time to set the IDF on FULL POWER, ignore the peace-talking manipulators who endanger Jews with every syllable and do what's necessary to remain healthy, alive and happy. Arabs are atacking defenseless innocents around the world nowadays, what I consider to be "What goes around comes around" stuff. NOBODY makes peace with muslims. The koran rejects the concept!!!

Miriam said...

Chodesh Tov Batya and thank-you for including my posting in your post.

Unfortunately the left in this country and the world only see and hear what suits them..Each has an agenda... We in the south pay the price...


Batya said...

Yocheved, so true.
Miriam, thanks for blogging and offering a glimpse of real life under fire.