Sunday, October 21, 2012

No Humanitarian Aid- Estelle Ship is Pro-Terrorist

All those faux human rights groups bankrolling and supporting "humanitarian aid ships" to Gaza are just anti-Israel pro-terrorist fronts.

Not for the first time, in an act of self-protection, Israel has been forced to stop, board and inspect a publicity act ship which had been on its way to supposedly help the Gazans.  The funders and backers of that ship claim they are bringing "humanitarian aid" to the Gazans, but that's not what they were bringing.  It's all part of a very photogenic anti-Israel publicity campaign.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the IDF on Saturday for its takeover of a Gaza-bound ship carrying pro-Palestinian activists. He said the Estelle ship’s passengers aimed only to provoke, and to slander Israel.
The IDF found no humanitarian equipment onboard, despite activists’ claims that they were delivering needed materials to the Strip. (complete article)
First of all, Gaza is not suffering.  There's plenty of food, medical supplies etc. And the Gazans aren't some innocent bystanders in the "Mid-east conflict."  The Gazans are the aggressors who have been attacking innocent Israelis for years.  Why aren't those "human rights activists" bringing gifts and supplies to cheer up the residents of Israel's Negev?

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And as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu suggested, Syrians are suffering a lot more than anyone else, though it's the Syrian civil war that is at fault.
"If human rights were really important to these activists, they would sail to Syria." (complete article)

No doubt that the extreme Leftists who tout the mantra of "human rights" don't have the guts to get to the places and help the people who really need help, like in Syria.  There's a very violent civil war going on there and no doubt that if they'd approach a Syrian port they'd be attacked, really attacked.

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It's so much easier for the world to accuse Israel of human rights violations, because Israelis are humanitarians who bend over backwards endangering ourselves to help others.

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