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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

JewishIsrael's New Year Update 5773

Posted by Jewishisrael.com
JewishIsrael interviewed by LA Times about missionary television in Israel
Just before Rosh Hashanah, Edmund Sanders, Jerusalem bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, sat down with JewishIsrael to discuss the physical and spiritual inroads that major Christian missionary television networks are making in Israel.  Sanders article, "Daystar, TBN ready for Messiah in Jerusalem" was published on October 1st and Jewishisrael is quoted throughout the article. The article notes the significant real estate purchases that the networks have made in Jerusalem and reveals the networks' missionary intent in no uncertain terms...more

JewishIsrael finished the year with unfinished business in the form of an excess of ongoing and developing reports on an increasingly complex Israel-evangelical relationship.  This new year we plan to complete those reports and to continue our honest exploration of the goals and intent of the "Christian Zionist" movement.  Here's a brief look at where we've been and what's to come...more

It's the time of year to come clean. Personal and national responsibility, coupled with a desire to ensure spiritual continuity, should be high up on the Jewish agenda.  Jewishisrael.com will continue to remind our community and our leaders of their obligations, and to monitor the situation.

Wishing our readership Moadim l'Simcha and Shana Tova.
(Special thanks, as always, to Batya for allowing us the opportunity to post on shilohmusings)


Batya said...

Thanks for providing us with this important update. Keep up the wonderful work you're doing.
Chag Sameach

ellen said...

Chag Sameach, Batya.
We look forward to keeping shilohmusings' readership updated on this very tough issue.

Alan said...

You can't have it both ways. You cannot say that (a) Torah is a light to the world, and by the way, we pray for the restoration of a Temple which had a space entitled "Courtyard of the Gentiles"; while simultaneously declaiming: (b) got to keep non-Jews out of the Land.

If there are Israeli Jews who are adopting the worship of this Jesus fellow, it means that either: (a) the Jewish establishment in Israel is not offering a program that's cohesive enough to keep ordinary Israelies on the derekh, OR: (b) the Notzri missionaries are holding a exceptionally strong message; or (c) no matter WHAT you do, some people will change for no visible reason, just for the sake of change, and if you force them to not be able to do it within their homeland.... they'll move abroad to find freedom of worship.

I claim that JewishIsreal survives by selling good feelings to American Jews who want to imagine that they can be great Zionists without being in Zion.

The Lefty post-Zionist blogs are ALSO heavily populated by olim-turned-yordim who justify their actions by saying: We do our Zionist duty by shouting about Tikkun Olam & giving money to New Israel Fund to help the Palestinian cause.

Give money instead of make aliyah.... Two sides of the same coin, can't you see that?

I don't think you can show me any Israeli-educated Israeli-Americans (there's at least a quarter million of them now) who would give money to this organization. They know better.

Batya said...

Ellen, I consider Jewish Israel's work extremely important. thanks so much

ellen said...

Ffor those who may be interested, there's a new follow-up article in the LA Times. It seems Daystar and TBN may be starting something of a turf war over Jerusalem "dirt" (that's what TBN calls their property).

Anonymous said...

Alan fails at senetence numero uno.

What needs to be kept out of Israel is the practice and promotion of Avodah Zarah itself, in this case: christianity.

There were non-Jewish visitors to Solomon's Temple as well as to the 2nd Temple. But when they visited, they did not stay. And when you're a guest, you follow house rules.

Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and even followers of Thor are invited to visit Israel, so long as when in Jerusalem, they do as the Children of Israel do.

I cannot bother responding to the rest of Alan's comment but it's already dead in the water.

Alan said...

wait a second, ShyGuy. Moshe Rabbenu married a coupla hottie Shiksot. God never indicated that he had any heartburn about them being in the encampment; as a matter of fact, the whole exodus was a "mixed multitude".

Furthermore, when Miriam bitched about Moshe having an Etiopit wife, God called Miriam to stand at attention, then told her to Shut The F**k Up; and then, just to show that he meant it, struck her with leprosy.

So you might want to be careful to keep your health-insurance premiums up-to-date, dude.

Don't ==even== get me started on Shlomo ha-Melekh's ideas about how many shiksot you need in the harem to screw in the Royal Lightbulb....

Anonymous said...

I (actually we Jews) can see that Alan doesn't know the difference between pre/post Sinaitic law.

And anyone can see from Alan's last response that he has zilch respect for the Torah.

So enjoy your stay here but you've pretty much just shown you're not really interested in being a partner for discussion on a blog such as this.

ellen said...

I think Shy Guy has unmasked Alan. I would just add that Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz has some interesting thoughts in reference to King Solomon and his wives' "inconsequential" ceremonies and beliefs:

"To a man as wise as Solomon, the pagan cults were almost on par with the games of children; and because he belittled them thus, he permitted his wives …to perform their inconsequential ceremonies. In this sense his wives "deflected" his heart – not because he was tempted by them or their cults, but because he underestimated the impact these cults had on others. This was the trap of his cleverness, and he was unable to evaluate the tenacity of minds simpler than his own…"

"…Solomon's failure can be traced back to his greatness, to his broader view of things, and his inability to discern the significance of the petty and trivial. He could not apprehend the long-range effect of his tolerance of minor religious malpractices, nor the attraction these held for the unlettered." (Biblical Images, page 135)

Alan said...

it's cute that the YHWH Priests got jealous of taxes being diverted away from Mount Moriah.... but I read the evidence as showing that the United Kingdom fell apart because Shlomo went hog-wild with excess taxation and with the hated mas-avoda (corvee).

The claim that the United Kingdom fell apart BECAUSE OF shlomo's wive's habits, only hit the newstand 500-600 years later, when the returnees from Babylon were having a power struggle about who would have exclusive rights to collect taxes and receive meat-offerings. THAT's when Shiloh getting frozen out of the korban business, became gelled and solidified.

Now let me dispose of this "avodah zara" argument, as being not put forth in good faith nor with clean hands.

In my lifetime, we have seen an appreciable number of Lubavitchers claiming outright, or coming damn close... that Menachem Schneerson was THE REAL MOSHIAKH.

Now, neither Ellen nor ShyGuy wants to raise a hullabaloo about THOSE people's right to reside in EretzYisrael, because... (a) there's no fund-raising potential in following that line of evidence,and (b) no one wants to piss off the Lubavitchers. The Lubavitchers get a free pass. No one interrogates ==them== about religious beliefs at Passport Control at namal-avir Ben-Gurion.

"JewishIsrael" operates as a ==salary-paying business===. It is show-biz, with the emphasis on business. If that aspect would go away, I would take them a little more seriously.

JewishIsrael is the half-sibling of NewIsraelFund. Different mothers, but the same father who scams up a donations-storm by talking shite about the situation in Israel.