Friday, October 12, 2012

Sanctions, Biden's Bragging, Fact or Fiction

Not long ago, I thought I'd ignore the American Presidential Elections, but I'm too weak.  Almost everyday there's something as tempting as chocolate mints*...

This morning's report about last night's debate between American Vice President hopefuls, Biden and Ryan, in the Jerusalem Post have this summary:
US Republican Paul Ryan charges Administration with having blocked sanctions on Iran for years; Vice President Biden responds: Obama has implemented the most crippling sanctions in the history of sanctions.

One thing, besides sarcasm, I try to stay away from when writing and speaking is "absolutes."  You have to be very careful when using words like "every," "all," "the most," "never," etc.  Exceptions to those "rules," aka absolutes are usually too easy to find.  And then when one crack is made in your argument your point is moot, like the bread crumb in the kosher for Passover cake.  It's no longer kosher for Passover.  There's no "bittul b'shishim." 

I'm a CPA's daughter, and VP Biden's brag: "the most crippling sanctions," I immediately want the facts, the numbers the details comparing those anti-Iran sanctions to the American ones against Cuba and any other sanctions the US has declared. 

ABC News - Iran Could Have Nukes
 by Next Summer, Netanyahu Warns U.N.
 (ABC News)
From what I understand, the strength of the anti-Iran sanctions is that other countries are participating.  How much credit really goes to America, and when were these sanctions begun?  Now who or what can take credit for that?  Is it due to Obama or is it really due to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who uses every opportunity to remind the world what a danger Iranian nuclear weapons are to world peace?

If you have the facts, please send in the comments.

Biden and Obama are most probably coached by the same team.  They blame everyone else for problems and take the credit for the good things. Can you believe them?

*My two great calorie weaknesses, yetzer haraa--evil inclination-- are chocolate mints and Hagen Daz mint ice cream...

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