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Monday, October 22, 2012

Israeli Media, Totally Anti-Government Bordering on Anti-Israel

Yesterday I was home in time to watch the news and wish I hadn't.  It was awful.  That's not because of objective reasons that things are so terrible in the State of Israel.  It was because the news was so unprofessionally blatantly anti-government and even anti-state. 

The concept of objective news reporting just doesn't exist in Israeli culture. The writers of the show and the directors make sure that the government, that is Likud Binyamin Netanyahu's government looks as bad as possible to help promote, campaign for their buddy Shelly Yachimovitch of the Israeli Labor Party. 

my grapes late summer
We keep hearing that food is expensive, too expensive, as if Bibi controls the seasons and the rains.  I am living in Israel for over forty years, and every year between summer and winter prices go up, because the summer foods are finished and the winter ones haven't yet ripened.  That's nature.  I certainly have plenty complaints about Bibi's policies, but he's not responsible for this.  As we were told when new to Israel:
"Don't buy food out of season.  Tomatoes are a summer crop and cabbage is for winter."
I was horrified that the Israeli anti-Israel extreme Left anarchists, who had been on the faux human rights Estelle, were featured, full venom and lies, on Israeli television.  They should have had been kept totally incommunicado.  Instead we saw and heard them smiling and smirking as they spouted their anti-Israel rhetoric and lies on Israel's Chanel 1.

The news is in Hebrew.  I don't know how well it will work if you click.  Watch 7:33 for that immature Obama Romnesia remark  and 13:18 food prices  and  16:40 the extreme-Leftist who had been on the Estelle.

Another big problem is that the interviewers interrupt and verbally attack anyone they don't agree with.  Only the Leftists and anti-government interviewees, the more extreme the better, are allowed to give complete answers.

And shades of that movie classic "War of the Worlds" panic, the "nationwide" earthquake drill in Israel was broadcast on the news as if it had really happened.  I was at work in Sha'ar Binyamin most of the day, and we didn't participate in the drill at all.

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