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Monday, October 8, 2012

Stop The Sarcasm! They're Trying to Kill Us!!

Arutz 7 sort tried to fix up the headline they had posted immediately after Simchat Torah:

'Holiday Greetings' as Southern Israel Shelled by Terrorists

Holiday greetings were fired from Gaza as terrorists launched a barrage of rockets and mortar shells at southern Israel Monday.
Sorry, Charley, but it doesn't really help enough to add those quotation marks. The article continues without them.  I'm not interested in searching the internet to find out where they took the line from.  Whoever put it up on Arutz 7 does get a salary and should do at least minimal editing.  I find the phrase highly offensive.

On Simchat Torah, Israeli citizens were attacked by Arab terrorists who had "launched a barrage of rockets and mortar shells at southern Israel."  That's the news. Don't try to be "cute."  Be professional and accurate!

The Jewish Press was no better.

‘Peaceful’ Olive Pickers Stoning Jews on Shabbat

Ah, those peaceful olive pickers and the Things they do with rocks….
On Saturday, at noon, local Jews out on a walk at the Aner springs west of the village of Neria in Samaria were attacked by dozens of Arabs throwing rocks, Tazpit reported. The official reason for the Arabs to be in the area was the olive harvest. What can be more peaceful than the olive harvest? And yet, despite the peaceful properties assigned to the olive, despite all those olive branches everywhere – those Arab olive pickers put down the olives and picked up the rocks.
We Jews sometimes would do that to people, get in them the urge to throw things at us.*
*And what is that line I put in italics supposed to mean?  Again, I ask where the editors are!  You're not doing yourselves a favor by skimping on professional editors.  Editors must do more than just check spelling, not just relying on automatic computerized spellchecks.  Editors must make sure that the content makes sense and is consistent with the general message of the newspaper.

And these two news sites are among the best in terms of their editorial policy, pro-Jewish life in the Land of Israel...  If they include such lines in their articles and headlines, what can we expect from the Leftists?

Israel is a country under attack by Arab terrorists on our borders and in our Land.  They are supported by foreign countries, organizations and the media here and abroad.  The media is very powerful.  I find it very disappointing when I can't even rely on new sites such as Arutz 7 and the Jewish Press to publish well-written articles.

We're at war for our very survival.  I blog, as a media volunteer. I have no budget and very little time.  I expect that the professional, meaning paid, businesses should do a better, yes, more professional and more competent job than I do.

The weapons the Arabs launch against us aren't jokes.  They are potentially dangerous.  G-d has been busy protecting us.  Maybe that's why the media makes jokes, calling the weapons "rain," and "gifts."  I don't see this as good journalism, unless you support the Arab terrorists.


Esser Agaroth said...

Two words:

"Galuth Mentality"

What else can be said? Think about it.

Bloggers like us try to wake Jews up.

Sometimes I feel like giving up...

They're lost. They're listening to the crap that even comes from the so called "Jewish right wing press."

But, then I think... OK. Maybe we can save one more...

But, The [non] Jewish Press and Israel [Inter] National News can sometimes be as helpful as The [non] Jewish Agency or the [Non] Jewish National Fund.


Batya said...

Don't give up. There must be an oppostion, even if it's just us.

bracha said...

Kol HaKavod, Batya!
Never give up.
And do call a spade, a spade. ie Say it as is...
Like you do.

Us, here in Chu'l are praying hard for your welfare. Whatever affects you affects us, too.

BTW If I want to check out NEWS, trustworthy news, where do I look first? To SHILO MUSINGS, of course!

I like the way you don't 'beat-about-the-bush'. You are reliable. You are profesional. And you are spot-on!


Hashem Yevarech et Amo BaShalo'm...

May Hashem send ALL of Klal Yisrael a Good and blessed New Year

Netivotgirl said...

Wonderful post Batya!! Keep at it! You are amazing!

Batya said...

Bracha, Netivotgirl, thanks so much for the encouragement. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep this up, stay blogging, and then people like you thank me.