Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Zecher Le'yitsiat Mitzrayim"

We are commanded to remember our exit from Egypt daily. And for the last week or so, our communal hearts and eyes have been riveted by that same nation whose history is so intertwined with ours. I'd like to mention a few points after listening to an indepth BBC program today which focused on several issues not mentioned in the local media. (At least not on programs that I've heard.)

1- The uprising began as a request for change, not necessarily Mubarak's expulsion, chiefly by moderate bloggers and activists and NOT by the Muslim Brotherhood or any other fundamentalist Islamic group.

2- Mubarak has purposely caused mayhem and increased public fear since the start of these 'days of rage,' as the locals call them, by releasing dangerous criminals from prison to loot, allied by Egypt's notorious secret police. (This in order to 'convince' the populace that they need big strong Daddy Mubarak to keep order.) How has this become apparent? The neighborhoods of Egypt have divided themselves into vigilante groups according to sections of major cities such as Alexandria and Cairo. These groups made up of civilians wishing to protect their shops and homes have caught several looters holding identity cards of the aforementioned secret police.

3- By ordering the police to use live rounds against its own populace, it is too late for Mubarak to save his skin other than a) slaughtering his people in a nationwide Tiananmen Square type massacre or b) resigning. When he does leave his post, a vacuum will be left. Who is most able to quickly seize the reigns? The much strangled Muslim Brotherhood which has an infrastructure and hierarchy unlike the moderates who have no party; no organized written agenda; and need the one thing that history will not allow them: TIME to get organized.

4-Are Egyptians worthy of our concern and empathy? As children of Hashem we are commanded to care for goyim as a part of the mitzva 'mipanei darchei shalom.' (I am at a loss to translate this into English.) However, when push comes to shove, I care about Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael. Yes, Mubarak is abhorrent. Which leads me to the next point...

5- Why in heavens name didn't Obama; Bush (father and son;) Clinton; etc. demand that Egypt, the number one recipient of American aid after Israel be less oppressive and more benevolent to its own populace? How has the United States propped up such a corrupt regime with no requests such as those mouthed at Israel ad nausea? ( Give G-d given rights to the Palestinians; Free the downtrodden oppressed people in Yehuda and Shomron; etc.; etc.)

6- What now? I will share with you something I posted in a comment on this blog. I am in touch with a non-Jewish sister of an elderly giyoret I visit at the local geriatric home here in Netivot. These are her words from last night, e-mailed from Paris: "... I am following what is happening in Egypt--I have special news sources for intelligence reports-- and one of them has sent an Alert that all Egyptian troops; guards; etc. have disappeared from the Gaza border with Egypt, and that Chamas operatives are freely crossing over to meddle with Egypt's 'revolutionary' groups."

Open borders mean full scale importing of rockets; terrorists and hundreds if not thousands of Sudanese and other African refugees who have already grossly affected life in areas such as southern Tel Aviv, Eilat and Arad.

7- Plan of action? Daven, pray and pray some more! May we merit the coming of Moshiach speedily. At least we have the present rain to be grateful for at this time of tense expectation.


Leah said...

Amen. I hear you loud and clear and I am glad that you have posted this. So many things of major proportionare taking palce all over the globe and I fear that many yidden are not listening and are therefore missing out on this important message: prayer and teshuva. Keep posting and caring!

Batya said...

Netivotgirl, thank you so much for the post. You wrote it so perfectly, mentioning what others are ignoring.

Netivotgirl said...

Thank you Leah and Batya! I hate the BBC (pro-Arab as you have surely noticed!)However, yesterday's hour-long program interviewing people 'on the ground' in the midst of the Egyptian turmoil put much of what is going on into perspective. May Hashem make certain that what unfolds there be good for Am Yisrael!

Batya said...


Chris Taus said...

What usually happens after a revolution is a provisional regime until that time when societal forces re-align themselves and the most powerful contender emerges. Should El Baradei become President, he will surely be just a transitional figure.