Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spain Isn't Israel's Friend, Either *Spain Denies Charges

hat tip PMW  Now Spain is denying that they paid.

My enemy's friends aren't my friends, a simple but important thing to remember.

As Melanie Philips said on the Israeli news, Israel's hasbara (information campaign) "is a joke!"

We're not on the ball, because instead of promoting our Jewish Rights in the HolyLand of Israel, we're marketing beaches and frolicking on the sand.


Pervenche said...

Well you see, even they acknowledge the superiority of israeli products. So what do you want? It's a good ad for Israel...

Batya said...

nice way of looking at it
but the issue is the financial support of Spain. Read the credits at the end.

Anonymous said...

I have zero tolerance for anti-Semitic replacement theologians like thenSpaniards. Any nation thatbovernight throws out their native culture for a dumbed down simplified, paganized, proletarianized daughter religion of another people are several millennia behind us in the evolutionary scale.
Besides if one of our brethren is their god, we must be arch angels.