Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Building A Future for Jews in The Land of Israel

Our enemies can talk all they want, but we're building homes for Jewish families here in Shiloh, Israel.  And people are buying, thank G-d.

We're the only people who have a national history here.  This is Jewish Land, our Land and there's no way to deny it.


Yechiel said...

Being a Jew in the diaspora who recently made Aliyah, can you tell me how I could buy land in Shomron or Judea? I think a lot of people would like to know this as well.

Keli Ata said...

OT: But I was recently looking up the Hebrew word for build and was amazed at the many things it could apply to. You know Hebrew and love words. It would be great if you did a post on the word.

I think it also means rebuild and many other definitions.

Batya said...

Keli, I'm pretty sure I have.

Yachiel, It's not so simple. Check community by community.

Keli Ata said...

Dumb question but why is there a distinction between Am Yisroel and EY? There seems to be something special, unique about the land.

The only other people that place so much emphasis on the land are the Irish and Native Americans. You don't see this love of the land with other countries.

Batya said...

Am Yisrael is the People. Eretz Yisrael is the Land. The big distinction is between the State and the Land. The State is a small percentage of our historic Land.

Hadassa said...

Keli, if you like Hebrew letters and word roots and how they relate, look into books by R. Matityahu Clark, R. Matityahu Glazerson and Isaac Mozeson.
Batya did post on the Hebrew word for build. It may have been on me-ander.

Batya said...

Hadassa, thanks for confirming it. Hebrew is amazing.