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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Free Jonathan Pollard Video: Enough! Justice Demands That He Be Freed

Jonathan Pollard paid for his crime, of giving information to an ally.  Enough. 

The United States, it's time to free Jonathan Pollard!


Keli Ata said...

I just posted this video on my Facebook page.

OT but whoever posted it originally on You Tube should change the title. Right now it's something along the lines of "Shoul Jonathan Pollard Be Released?"

Batya said...

Try to contact the organization or comment on the youtube for correction. I'm not involved.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

not an effective video. 25 years and you have 4 politicians paying lip service to his release. mukasy was the AG and did not procure his release. why? apparently there's no effective sympathy for him within the system. he claims to be remorseful. why not see that stated in so many words on the video? has he done any good deeds in prison? if yes, why not show that? if not, then why no good deeds in 25 years? why doesn't he get a haircut and a new picture? if he is ill as implied in the latest demands for his release, what is the nature of his illness? who says his is the longest punishment on record for spying? who did the research? in short the video seems to be ineffective and another all-around pollard bad idea. that's just some reservations about this clip for starters.

Batya said...

Tzvee, in the 25 years he has been held, this is the best yet.